A strange orb-like UFO has been recorded while floating over a wind farm. Upon reaching the wind turbines, it causes the rotatory blades to malfunction until it passes through, unharmed.

Residents of a small village in southwestern Poland were recently disturbed by an unusual sighting that seems to remain without any conclusive explanation. It involved a flying spherical object that allegedly stopped the bladed rotor of a few wind turbines found on the edge of the road in order to pass by them unscratched.

On April 17 this year, a strange object caught the attention of villagers from Majdan Gorny, Poland, who immediately started to track and record its flightpath. It floated slowly towards two wind turbines that were intersecting with its path, and upon getting closer, the blades mysteriously shut down before starting to rotate again after the object had passed away.

It’s metallic, orb-like design is clearly visible. The UFO hovers at a relatively low altitude, and is heading directly towards the windmills. The brief description of the video gives further details regarding the sighting: “According to the witness, the object came flying from the east and flew over the area for about an hour. After the recording the object disappeared.”

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/DMzDxD1fVzQ” mode=”normal”]

After watching the video, members of the UFO community have proposed the object was some kind of drone device scouting the area. However, a certain answer regarding its origins failed to arrive. While some consider it to be a hi-tech army gaged, others see it as an intelligently controlled alien drone.

Similar devices have been spotted by UFO hunters along the years, their detailed recordings revealing an entire world of orb-UFOs ‘playing’ up there. There’s no denial the army has technology way ahead of our time, but these device appear to behave unnatural, almost like being designed outside of our world. Their tremendous maneuverability and speed, coupled up with their interest for chemtrails indicate they are not military devices.

Another theory discussed by UFO enthusiasts highlights the possibility of the orb being an intelligently controlled drone, but opinions are split, as some consider it to be guided by a form of advanced artificial intelligence that’s flying the device on its own, while others consider the metallic cover of the object definite proof of it belonging to the military.

Scott C. Waring from ufosightingsdaily has analyzed the case and wrote the following on his blog: “A UFO explores a wind farm and the propeller stops as the UFO comes close to it. This kind of UFO is well known by NASA because this metallic orb style. UFO had a fleet of three or more following so close to the space shuttle Atlantis, that they delayed landing for 24 hours. The orbs were similar to this.”


After the video went online, other people reported seeing similar devices hovering over their areas. Krzysztof Gordziejewski wrote about his encounter, telling that “the same object was seen over Zgorzelec moving in a north-easterly direction,” after no more than a day since the event had been originally reported.

Another man spoke of his encounter with the metallic sphere from last September, where he saw it hover over the wind farm at Nasielsk, between Warsaw and Dziadowo. Another more skeptic claimed the wind turbines stopped because there was no wind at that time to fuel them, but that doesn’t explain what the UFO is and how it managed to stop the rotating blades.

Although there are numerous hypothesis regarding the exact origins of the UFO, nothing is clear for the moment. It’s creators and the purpose it follows remains unknown, but the fact that such devices are scouting the rural areas undisturbed is sure to raise a lot of question marks.