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Excavations from all over the world have turned up quite a number of bizarre skulls that could not have belonged to any human or known animal. The Sealand Skull is one of the strangest—and least known—supposedly alien craniums out there.

This outlandish relic was discovered in July 2007 by workers replacing sewer pipes in a home in Ølstykke, Denmark. Not knowing what to make of the item, the workers handed it over to the home owners, who in turn kept the skull secret for the next three years.

In 2010, they gave the skull to one of their friends, who took it to the University of Copenhagen’s School of Veterinary Medicine. A committee of doctors analyzed the cranium and concluded that “although resembling a mammal, certain features make it impossible to fit the animal into Linnaean taxonomy.”

The Sealand Skull shares several similarities to that of a human but it is 50 percent larger than an average male’s. Its eye sockets are wider, deeper and set farther apart. These characteristics seem to suggest the creature it belonged to was most likely adapted to low-light conditions if not nocturnal altogether. The thin chin and smaller nostrils would have also contributed to its alien appearance.

sealand_skull_1 (1)

Another striking feature is the size of its upper canines, considerably longer than a human’s and overlapping the lower row of teeth. It would have been disturbing to encounter this conspicuous, long-fanged predator, especially at night.

After the panel of doctors deemed the skull unidentifiable, it was sent to the Niels Bohr Institute, where Carbon-14 dating revealed its mysterious bearer had died sometime around 1,300 AD. However, this information did not appear to match the skull’s condition. It was found in a state of preservation which suggested it was never buried for long—a couple of decades at most. Having been discovered above the sewer pipes installed in the 1970s, the skull was most likely hidden in recent years.

The Sealand Skull did not make it to Ølstykke by accident. For hundreds of years, the area has been home to an ancient esoteric society called the Order of Pegasus’ Light (Ordre Lux Pégasos). Dating back to the 14th century AD, this obscure brotherhood has always been privy, their motives and dealings unknown to any and all outsiders. Among their ranks were illustrious minds such as William Shakespeare, René Descartes, Thomas Jefferson and H.G. Wells—or so they say.

sealand_skull_2 (1)

The Order of Pegasus’ Light prides itself on having acted as the custodians of several out of place artifacts. They will not say what the artifacts are or what their purpose might be but they did mention an interesting aspect: some of them are made of incredibly light and durable metallic and ceramic materials. No-one knows how they came in possession of such objects. No-one but them.

It’s easy to make the connection between the age of the skull and the date around which the Order was founded and even easier to speculate how it might have happened. Perhaps a traveler from another planet arrived on Earth and imparted his knowledge to the humans who were willing to follow him. After all, most secret societies are born out of a wealth of information.

Would it stretch the imagination too far if we assumed that once this being’s time had ended, his disciples preserved its skull, along with the objects he had brought with him? The same thing has happened many times throughout history with human protagonists.

sealand_Skull_3 (1)

Several sources have linked the Sealand Skull to the illuminated Order, mainly because the house where it was dug up had once belonged to one of their members. In the end, it seems as though they managed to recover the artifact since it vanished in 2011 and no one knows where it is.

The Sealand Skull remains an puzzling mystery but it can handle one more question: does the answer to the riddle lie in the constellation of Pegasus?