A recent UFO sighting from Belgium has caught the attention of the UFO community. The intriguing appearance of an elongated UFO that’s shooting multiple bright orbs has added more evidence of UFO existence on Earth, but has also continued the recent phenomenon of playful orb UFOs. The remarkable sighting offers more insight of orb UFO activity on our planet, and it looks truly remarkable.

On July 28, 2016, an unusual cloud has lit up over a secluded area of Belgium. A group of UFO hunter who spotted the peculiar light emanating from the cloud knew from the start that something out of the ordinary was about to happen, so they zoomed in on the cloud and caught on tape an amazing event of an orb UFO multiplying into smaller bits.

This peculiar trait is well known throughout the UFO community, but the video reveals further evidence for those yet unconvinced about the ongoing UFO activity on our planet. While the reason why the cloud has sparkled in this unusual way remains a topic of debate and speculation, the orb UFOs appearing on top of it appear to be the most reasonable explanation. Is there hidden activity inside the cloud that’s provoking this unusual glow? Or rather the cloud’s glowing surface is a direct result of the Sun’s reflection?

An interesting story proposed by the notorious UFO investigator Scott Waring from ufosightingsdaily nominates the possibility of metallic material present inside the cloud. Waring speaks about a similar event encountered a few years ago, and we know that his claims don’t stand without proof. He wrote the following on his blog:

UFOs are often seen during sunsets…In the video we see a long UFO stick out from the top of the cloud and shoot out smaller orbs that move away in pairs. I have seen this exact same thing happen with a giant UFO cloud over Russia freeway about 5 years ago. It also had several orbs shoot out, but no one else noticed it but me back then.”

The UFO analyst went on stating that “this cloud is glowing too much, more than a normal cloud, which shows that there is some reflective metallic material inside the cloud that causes it to light up from the inside.”

Could his assumptions prove to be true? It’s difficult to precisely assume the composition of the cloud, but the bizarre appearance of the orbs UFOs is undeniable. Their traits are well known inside the UFO community because they manifest in similar ways on each sighting. Orb UFOs pulsate, execute brisk maneuvers, multiply, and vanish almost instantly after they perform spectacular dips in brightness.

The proposed theory of Dr. Ruehl who closely studied the phenomenon is that orb UFOs are zeroidal entities – objects that exist from the beginning of the universe. They take different forms on our existential plane, but usually manifest as round flying spheres capable of performing outlandish maneuvers, far beyond our earthly technological capabilities.

Whenever they enter our material realm, a glowing force field is built around them that’s obscuring their true appearance from us. However, there are recorded cases where such manifestations appear clearer. Proof of this stands this unusual sighting near Washington of a spinning, glowing portal that’s projecting different shapes on the night sky.

With so many videos revealing UFO activity on our planet, it’s easy to admit their existence. Whatever their plan is however, remains yet another topic of debate, but many UFOlogists have proposed that these peculiar orb UFOs are artificial intelligent drones that spy on our human existence. Advocates of this idea believe that there could be at least one such orb UFO monitoring every human community, regardless how small and insignificant. Whatever the case, there is plenty of consistent proof of UFO activity on our planet. Share your thoughts on this below and help us elucidate this UFO mystery.