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Fake news, propaganda and more corruption. It’s hard to believe or trust anything at this point. In today’s episode you’re going to learn why “fact checking” websites are paid opposition and have no independent verification measures whatsoever.

You’re going to learn about Operation mockingbird from the CIA. A program that rolled out 400 CIA agents to actively control US media. What’s reported on in newspapers, magazines and tel-lie-vision.

We’re all actors on a stage, while they play with our emotions and keep giving the mass public does of fear. Today’s episode will breakdown MSM in a way that you’ve never seen it broken down in before.

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Crazy how Anderson cooper used to be a CIA agent huh? And now he’s the head of Propaganda and engineering lies for the masses on behalf of CNN each day. The rabbit hole goes deep, and these shills and their crimes against the public will only come to light more and more in time.

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