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Welcome to episode #3 of Fall Cabal. This episode is about nothing other than, you guessed it… aliens! But not the kind we often read about. Illegal aliens.

The media has used images against us for ages. They routinely lie and mislead us. Here it is, happening yet again.

Furthermore, these people are all wearing color labeled bracelets, what for? Why would large groups of people who are being pictured all be wearing color coordinated bracelets?

is it possible that protesters are paid in an effort to create movements and to ultimately use the media to manipulate us?

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Do we really know what’s going on? Should we really trust the media so blindly?

Do we really need a wall? No. I disagree with Trump on that. Most illegal immigrants come into this country from a flight. The wall may keep people out, but it also keeps Americans in. People can climb over walls, or build tunnels under as both are done often in the case of the Mexico/US border.

Just to be clear. I do not know Trump. I’ve never met him and I do not know his true intentions. I do not know how things will turn out. What I do know however, is that the media has been used to manipulate us time and time again.

Dedicating efforts to stop human trafficking is a noble cause, regardless of where you stand politically. Subscribe below for episode #4, it will be sent to you.

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