When Q Arose… he wasn’t much known or talked about.

Now, people in France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Taiwan, Australia, Iraq and Israel started marching in the 10’s of thousands every single Saturday in each of these countries.

Interesting what came of all this. The police actually sided with the people in France and took off their helmets. The Cabal felt threatened so unleashed the military.

France was in the middle of a civil war, but the mainstream media was silent about it. With all this going on, and momentum building it all came to a stop with a single virus strain. A virus called Corona that is no more dangerous than the common flu, if you look at the numbers and statistics.

When will the truth be brought out? Q is said to be an intel of people. Of Patriots that are fighting for the freedom and liberty of the American people.

One of the strangest things that’s happened that practically no one is talking about is the soccer ball hand-off from president Putin to president Trump.

Trump was giddy and had a smile on his face. What was really handed off? Was it actually just a soccer ball? or were there contents hidden in the soccer ball that were handed off in public, in front of everyone?

Fall Cabal Episode #9 Will Shed Light on Many Things.

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America was sold to the highest bidder by Obama, The Clinton’s, The Bush’s and other political families and powers that be. It is time to take the truth and our awareness back. Episode #10 will shake you to your core. What’s coming is exciting, inspiring and will give you hope.

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