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As the years pile up and more and more UFO files and tales of alien encounters are released, the details are coming at us in rapid succession.

From the reptilians to the greys, Nordics, humanoid giants, Mantis aliens and more, we can gather that there is a tremendous amount of diversity to be found in the world of extraterrestrial beings.

But what if there is an entirely different type of alien species “out there” in the subconscious realms, which are not in fact visiting us from outer space, but from another dimension altogether?

It’s already been well established that human beings, as advanced as we may seem as a species at times, do not possess the ability to hear a vast amount of all available sounds or see the full spectrum of available colors.

Taking that into account, it’s widely accepted that there are likely to be entirely different worlds out there independent of our own, existing simultaneously.

And to take that a step further, it’s also being revealed that travel between these different worlds, or dimensions, is possible as well, according to recently released documents from the FBI archives that shine light on a phenomenon that is still being widely ignored in the paranormal and alien community.

FBI Archives: Interdimensional Entities Have Been Visiting Us for Years

As the world waits for the myriad problems of humanity to cool down and for higher levels of consciousness, revelations and awareness to begin manifesting into our reality, the FBI has quietly been releasing documents that could challenge everything we know about space-time and reality.

The documents, which have been released from the Bureau’s archives, suggest that these so-called interdimensional entities have been visiting us for a long time and have taken extra precautions so as not to be seen in our visual spectrum.

They were originally spotted through infrared cameras, the FBI has stated, strangely enough to little fanfare.

But if these entities are as real as the FBI claims them to be, it’s easy to see how they could account for an incredible range of paranormal phenomena, ranging from ghosts, to alien sightings and abductions, bizarre, unexplained horror-story type experiences and crypotzoological phenomena, and much more.

FBI Documents Hidden in Plain Sight

Recently, the website ‘Soul: Ask’ posted pictures of these particular documents, and analyzed whether or not these entities have peaceful qualities to them. The FBI documents can be found on its website, under the term “The Vault.”

The papers clearly state, according to the website’s analysis, a wide variety of characteristics that may be surprising to some observers.

The interdimensional entities are said to travel with crews of several different members in disk-shaped crafts, while some of the others are operated via remote control.

Altogether, their mission in this dimension and on this planet is peaceful, and they enjoy it here enough to consider settling on our plane.

The visitors are said to be human-like, but much larger in size, and come from their own world, not from Earth itself. They don’t come from any particular planet, but from an imperceptible planet that falls out of the range of our senses entirely.

Once these interdimensional aliens enter our vibrational frequency, they have the ability to essentially materialize out of thin air along with their crafts, the FBI documents also show.

And while they are peaceful in terms of their mission, their ships contain a type of radiant energy weapon, or ray gun, that will instantly disintegrate any attacking ship.

They are said to come from areas far above the astral plane, the documents also reveal, a startling term that shows the depth of knowledge these FBI agents possess about interdimensional entities (the documents have been declassified and released through the official FBI website).

The report was quietly made public in 2011 and written by a high-ranking, unknown FBI agent, who remained anonymous for reasons of “national security.” This Colonel had studied aliens, UFOs, and extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings for many years prior to releasing them.

They are said to have no intention of interacting with humans according to the FBI, and have in fact developed their abilities to the point where they can blend in seamlessly with our world.

Samples of the documents can be viewed below, just in case you still don’t believe in disclosure and the vast, imperceptible world out there. We truly are not alone, and this is just further proof to add to our ever-growing list.

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