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The majority of the world population has no idea what’s going on right now. The Corona virus, the restriction of freedom and liberty like we’ve never seen. It feels like we’re living in a twilight zone or a scifi flick. A documentary film was released recently that is called “Fall Cabal” and it digs much deeper for the truth than anything i’ve seen yet. We’ll be releasing the documentary each day for the next 10-days, so stay tuned here by subscribing and following.

It’s a journey down the rabbit hole, quite a few red pill doses, so buckle your seatbelt.

California “Forest Fires” Burn Trees Too Right?

Let’s start with the forest fires in California. They “burned” houses but not trees. They burned trees from the inside out. Cars were turned upside down, but how? How would a forest fire act in such a strange manner?

Last I checked. Fire Burns Trees Too.

Another strange occurrence. Mercury. It’s one of the most toxic substances known to man. So why is it utilized in medicine?

What about chemtrails? Otherwise known as “Geoengineering aerosols” by the Government. What are they spraying in the sky? How often do you look up and notice this?

What about organ donation? Who owns your organs as an “organ donor”?

Why is the Vatican hall so connected to snakes and serpents?

How about this one? How can one bird cause this much damage to a plane yet the “Planes” that hit the towers in NYC managed to take the buildings completely down?

Planes Are Lightweight (as they are designed to FLY this way) And Damaged By Birds Easily.

Heavy Steel Beams? No Problem!

Planes Do Not Go Through Steel Beams.

What about Disney’s Children Cartoons That Contain Subliminal Messages Pushing Sex & Violence?

Why Are Aids, Zika, Sars & Ebola Patented Diseases?

Diseases And Their Patent

This documentary cracks the lid open, and wait till the series rolls out and is released. Watch the first episode here and please share with friends and family that need a few red pill doses to get through this madness and get some clarity.

This is episode 1 of a 10 part series that will be released in the next 10 days.

Wait util you learn more about..The Wikileaks story, and and who killed Seth Rich. Who is Q? The person leaving codes and messages on message boards like 4chan.

Episode #2 will share why you’ve heard so much about the Corona Virus, the shutdown of half the world, “Q-uarantine” and more.

Just wait until you see this map in episode 2 created that stitches together elite power structure like you’ve never seen it before. It must have taken a few years to put this together alone.

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