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Many readers of UFOHolic have seen UFO’s firsthand and have experienced the phenomenon directly, so it’s easy to believe in it. You see it, it’s there. Maybe you’ve even seen a few UFO’s.

However, most of us have not seen an alien. Most of us have not seen what are in these unidentified flying objects. What could be in them? What if there were military personnel inside these ships instead of aliens that we believe? Believing that UFO’s and aliens exist is a big step for some people. You’ve already benefited from it. You’ve already taken the “red pill” in that sense. But what if…

Are UFO’s Filled With Aliens or Military Personnel?

What if 9 out of 10 ships in the sky are not aliens but in fact military using advanced technology? As we know they have technology that is far superior (possibly 50 years ahead) of what the average mainstream consumer has.

The Government does everything they can to cover up ET’s, UFO’s and anything to do with the topic of life beyond earth. In their eyes that has yet to be explored by NASA (national academy of space acting) which justifies their $50 Billion per year budget. The big names in NASA were former Nazi’s brought here through Operation Paperclip, as you can read here. How’s that for a conspiracy?

In seeing comments on the UFOHolic facebook page, especially today on the Covid-19 post, when broken down into Latin, it’s concerning that people can so blindly believe in UFO’s and aliens, and anything of this sort…

Yet they believe that the Government is not involved in any conspiracies of any kind. That everything that doesn’t fit the mainstream narrative provided to them by the mainstream media is a joke, or a “conspiracy theory” and is ostracized.

It was setup this way. The reaction people have to the illusion they see is typical.

Operation Mockingbird is Being Used Tactically Against The Truth:

Operation Mockingbird which dates as far back as 1967 was an operation enacted by the CIA to infiltrate the US media and Hollywood.
To influence the content, entertainment and news that is released on a massive scale.

They influenced the media to share the narrative they desired. Everything from the nightly news to that new movie release. The program worked very well to influence sheep think, even until this day.

If you believe what the mainstream media is telling you (full of lies) yet you believe in UFO’s and aliens (that you have maybe seen once?) then what do you really believe? How do you justify that?

In the film the Matrix Morpheus talks about taking the red pill or the blue pill when conversing with Neo. He shares that important decision in this short video:

Are You Taking The Red Pill? Or The Blue Pill?

At any given time what you hear in the news could very well be misleading, half-truth (a tactic they use to make the lie more believable) or a flat out lie. Think about it. If someone tells you a truth that you know is a truth, then the next words uttered out of their mouth are a lie. How likely are you to believe that lie after hearing the truth and agreeing with them?

You’re more likely to believe a lie after nodding your head and agreeing to the truth from that same person. The media and powers that be that use the media to manipulate the masses use half-truths all the time.

Share a truth, get them agreeing then throw in the lie.

We live in a world full of agendas. Powered by money, greed, corruption, control and literally run by psychopaths and narcissists.

If we want to take our power back and know the full truth we must take the “Metaphorical red pill” from the matrix. We must question everything and not believe things at face value, but instead research and dig down the rabbit hole for ourselves.

We are all in the matrix. The matrix wasn’t just a film. It was a documentary for life. In order to operate in that with truth and not to be caught in the illusion we must ask questions. We must be open to the discussion and process of discovering new information.

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