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Many bizarre things have emerged from the Martian ground recently, mostly resembling relics from a former civilization. This time however, the most intriguing thing appeared on Curiosity’s rover screen, and it is airborne.

Only a few days ago, on the 3rd of November, 2015, NASA’s space rover has captured two consecutive photos in a short interval of time, revealing on the background a curious black dot. If it wasn’t for the second image, we would have probably misinterpreted the small passing object, considering it to be simple dust or dirt on the camera lens.

Fortunately for us, Curiosity took a second picture in the same interval of time, therefore uncovering the most peculiar anomaly. As you will see in the second picture, the black dot from the background is considerably bigger in size and has a different position, even though it’s clear that the rover did not move from its previous spot.

[youtube id=”Pg6gi3Yi08o” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” thumbnail=”UFO on Mars” grow=”no”]

Even though NASA is a professional agency with trained specialists having access to the latest technology, there is always room for human error. It’s unlikely that the space agency would reveal compromising footage from their Mars expedition, that’s why we believe the second photo made it publicly because someone did not double check on every detail, so there’s a chance for one of the photos (or both) to be removed in the near future if NASA might consider it to be a threat.

The black dot from the background strongly resembles to a flying craft and that wouldn’t pose a threat unless the UFO hadn’t been seen over the Martian skies. When asked about this intriguing sighting, NASA officials couldn’t come up with any reasonable explanation, this way backing up our beliefs that the object seen in the images is likely to be some sort of drone or artificial craft.

Do you think that the renowned space agency might be hiding breakthrough evidence concerning the actual situation on Mars? Are we being misled and driven away from a much bigger picture?

Spread the word before the official images are deleted or reworked.

♦ The disclosing video from the description was deliberately removed by somebody. It was uploaded on the 3rd of November and it revealed the strange anomaly recently captured by Curiosity. Since it was posted, it gained a lot in popularity but apparently it didn’t last for more than three days. The official pictures still remain at the end of the article along with a BIG question mark: Why would they bother to remove it unless it was the real deal? Did NASA have anything to do with it?

Picture 1

Picture 2