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Ancient relics reminding of a former advanced civilization have been discovered, this time by pure coincidence, most probably because of the global warming that caused a local river in India to drain, leaving behind a spectacular view.

The local river from Karnataka, India has dried out for the first time in history because of the draught and overconsumption of water by the overly increasing population of India.

However, the now empty river banks uncovered lost relics from the old Hindu culture, many of them being embedded into stones.


The river that never dried out in the known history, preserved the formations in relatively good shape, despite the fact that its rapid currents were a constant threat to any structure standing in their way.

 It is curious how the material resisted for such a long period of time and how the ancient people of India managed to carve with such precision in ancient times when they couldn’t possess the proper tools for such a precise and refined work.

These artefacts are recognized as Shiva Ling and are considered to represent an altar where people worshiped the deity Shiva.


Because so many of them were discovered in the same place, along with other puzzling designs, archeologists believe they have discovered an ancient temple dedicated to Shiva and other Gods of old.

The strange architecture indicates that the ancient people habiting this place had very advanced knowledge when it came to creations or astronomy. Is it possible that all that knowledge came as a gift from the depicted God?

If not, how were they capable of making such impenetrable shrines that not even a river current could move or break them over the countless centuries?

Other theories suggest that these relics represent flying crafts or Vimanas, others claim that these are designs of ancient extraterrestrial flying crafts that brought the Old Gods to Earth.


Whatever the case may be, it is likely that this river dried out in order to make place for a formidable discovery of yet another ancient civilization that once thrived and after a while vanished, leaving no clue behind about its advanced techniques nor the source of all its knowledge.

Hopefully, this great puzzle concerning our ancient origins will be understood after we have gathered and put together enough pieces.

Update: More images with the mysterious carvings “decorating” the Shamala river in India.






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