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A team of UFO enthusiasts have managed to film one of the best videos of the enigmatic triangle UFO.

The sighting took place in Longview, Texas on October 26, 2015, at approximately 20:50 P.M. When the witnesses saw the triangular craft quietly gliding “above Texas neighborhoods, unaware to the masses,” they immediately knew they had to film it.

One and a half minutes into the video, another triangular UFO made a silent entry into the picture and when they slowly distanced themselves, the guys filming the video jumped in the car and drove to a better vantage point.

Since the video is described as [Raw chase footage], the next three minutes are a mix of blurry, shaky footage and Guns N’ Roses. Whoever needs to complain about this must first understand that a certain amount of excitement accompanies UFO sightings and even professional hunters make mistakes. However, the video has two very good portions of footage at the beginning and near the end that make up for the shaky middle.

The UFO manages to cover a lot of ground (technically, sky) during the video. Coupled with its apparent size, the drone hypothesis seems to deteriorate. With what details can be gathered from the footage, the object fits the description of a classic triangle UFO. It is hard to discern whether this craft was built and operated by extraterrestrials or a military prototype such as the TR-3B.

As usual, the sighting sparked controversy on the internet, with users chipping in with their opinions on the matter.

“This is a few hours from where the Cash-Landrum incident happened,” one Reddit user commented. “I wonder if there is a military base in the area.”

The Cash-Landrum incident is one of the best documented UFO sightings to occur in the United States, one that left its witnesses in a state of shock and with palpable physical evidence.

Classified as a close encounter of the second kind, this incident involved Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and her seven year-old grandson Colby. The three of them were traveling on an isolated road to their home in Dayton, Texas when they encountered a huge diamond-shaped object hovering above the treetops. The UFO spewed flames and emitted a large amount of heat; it was enough to make the metal parts of the car so hot they were painful to the touch.

Shortly after the object ascended, a number of 23 military helicopters zoomed over the witnesses’ heads in apparent pursuit of the UFO.

The aftermath of the incident saw Cash fall ill and her symptoms were consistent with radiation poisoning. Large, painful blisters appeared on her body and she bagan losing patches of skin and clumps of hair.

We have strong evidence that these patients have suffered secondary damage to ionizing radiation. It is also possible that there was an infrared component as well.” – MUFON radiologist who examined the patient.

Could this notorious incident have any connection to the recent Triangle UFO sighting?

It is possible. The fact that the diamond-shaped UFO was closely followed by a squadron of unmarked military helicopters could attest to the presence of a nearby secret base. The UFO itself could have been a prototype they were testing out and for whatever reason they decided to see the effects of an interaction with humans.

If this is the case, the area might be home to a number of other anomalies and we should be on the lookout for skywatchers’ videos and testimonies.