The US government supported a patent for a shuttle that utilizes repulsive force (“horrendous gravity”), mass decrease and non-customary (non-unstable burning) impetus. This type of impetus conceivably implies no flares or blasts, yet maybe close quiet electromagnetic field drive. 

So far the US Patent and Trade Office (PTO) approximately July 10, 2019, has conceded to the US Department of the Navy an “Functioning” status to thing #US10144532B2. This patent is delegated “B64G1/409 Unconventional Spacecraft Propulsion Systems”. 

The theoretical for the patent states: 

“An art utilizing an inertial mass decrease gadget contains an inward full depression divider, an external resounding cavity, and microwave producers. The electrically charged external resounding pit divider and the electrically protected inward full depression divider structure a thunderous pit. The microwave producers make high recurrence electromagnetic waves all through the resounding pit making the thunderous hole vibrate in a sped up mode and make a neighborhood enraptured vacuum outside the external full depression divider.” 

With respect to what is known as “repulsive force” in the overall population, the patent language utilizes the expression “shocking gravity” in the accompanying setting: 

“It is feasible to lessen the inertial mass and consequently the gravitational mass, of a framework/object moving, by an unexpected annoyance of the non-direct foundation of neighborhood spacetime (the nearby vacuum energy state), identical to a sped up trip a long way from thermodynamic balance (similar to with evenness breaking actuated by sudden changes of state/stage advances). The actual instrument which drives this decrease in inertial mass depends on the negative strain (subsequently ghastly gravity) showed by the enraptured neighborhood vacuum energy state (nearby vacuum polarization being accomplished by a coupling of sped up high recurrence vibration with sped up high recurrence hub turn of an electrically charged framework/object) in the nearness of the framework/object being referred to.” 

Could it be that particular vested parties have since quite a while ago had the financing to foster such advancements? Or on the other hand is the new open and “Dynamic” petitioning for the US Navy’s shuttle here a gradual advance for the revelation to the overall population of the presence of a generally existing Space Force? Or then again could Elon Musk utilize this patent to create the hypersonic VTOL flying machine he has frequently discussed in late meetings…

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