This is one of the largest UFOs you will ever see and it might belong to a belligerent species of aliens.

YouTube channel UFOvni2012 is at it again with the remarkable discovery of an enormous unidentified object hiding amid the gas and dust in the Orion Nebula. The nebula can be found just south of Orion’s belt, so you can say it’s his sword.

The fact that a telescope was able to photograph this obscure object from so far away attests to the UFO’s incredibly large proportions. If it were to enter the Solar System, it would definitely cause some gravitational waves as its size dwarfs that of our planet by a magnitude to over 100. Such an object could not have been constructed by a civilization that did not attain at least a Type II on the Kardashev scale. If the unidentified object in the photo is an artificial craft of some type, its builders would probably look like gods compared to us.

The Orion constellation is one of the most memorable constellations in the night sky and it also has a great backstory. The mythological Orion was a great hunter with a pride to match his abilities. After boasting that he could slay any wild beast on the face of the Earth, the great hunter was ironically killed by a small scorpion.

orion nebula

The unidentified object was spotted hiding in the Orion Nebula

The Orion Nebula, also known as Messier 42 is one of the brightest nebulae and on clear nights, you can see it with the naked eye. Located at a distance of around 1,350 light-years away, this nebula is an enormous region of gas and dust some 24 light-years across.

One of the most studied and photographed regions in the sky, the Orion Nebula has offered astronomers insight on how stars and the planets orbiting them form. In the field of UFOlogy, the nebula has also provided some valuable information about the species of aliens that inhabit our galaxy, their history and reasons to interact with mankind.

One popular theory regarding the inhabitants of the planets in the Orion constellation claims these extraterrestrials are combative and their expansionist policy has allowed them to colonize multiple areas in their vicinity and even further.

According to extra-dimensional channeler Lyssa Royal, most Orions have a Vegan ancestry while a smaller proportion originated from the Lyra star system.

“Orions have a reputation for possessing an aggressive nature and have been involved in many destructive wars,” she wrote. “Note that the masculine energy is associated with the evolution of beings from the star systems of Orion, which are related to Earth, whereas inhabitants of the Sirius star system, also very much involved with Earth, carry the feminine energy or polarity.”

Possessing highly-advanced technology, the Orions have also achieved a higher understanding of consciousness and spirituality. But their warring nature pretty much determined their path towards favoring technology over mind, physical weapons over mental prowess.

It’s been claimed that the Orions are the original creators of the Grey alien archetype, giving us a clear indicator of their ruthlessness and inscrutable plans. The same theory posits that the Orions are at war with the entities we call the Elohim, arguably the oldest group of aliens in our known universe.

Having been the first to achieve immortality, the Elohim must be immensely powerful and wise. They can be seen as the original creators, the seeders of life in the cosmos. If the Orions are in a direct conflict with these beings, it would seem they have the technology to match the Elohim, so a UFO the size of Jupiter might be one of their own space-populating arks, craft meant to disseminate their message, mentality and lineage. Or it could be some star-destroying weapon capable of obliterating entire solar systems.

If we can look at the wars of man to get a better picture of what conflict might mean, we can easily imagine the violence of a cosmic war that engulfs regions far greater than mankind’s battlefields. In the eventuality the recently-photographed unidentified object is an actual weapon, let’s hope they have no plans for us.