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By Abigail O’Rourke

12°8’1.5″N, 119°35’26.4″W

Anyone who loves the idea of exploring wants to be the first to discover something new and important. What could be a more amazing find than a lost city or enormous sunken monument? Along with that concept comes the never-ending search for Atlantis and other similar cities. These are places that are found in ancient texts as real locations, relegated today to myth and imagination.

Thanks to Google Maps, a new brand of intrepid explorer is off searching the plant for signs of past…or potentially present…life in places we seem to be neglecting.

As most people know, the Ocean floor remains 90% undiscovered. Why? Do we lack time and resources? Well…we weaponize to an unprecedented degree, go to space, work hard to help the rich and powerful stay young and beautiful forever and involve ourselves in many other endeavors that require vast amounts of time, money and man-power. We pollute and endanger our oceans before we have even begun to look for their potential. Is this an oversight of enormous magnitude? Or is it a case of simple redirection of attention? What if powerful answers lie silent beneath the waves?

Marcelo Igazusta claims to have seen a beam of light from the dark depths of the Pacific Ocean near the coast of Mexico. This eventually led him to make and extraordinary discovery. Most importantly, this can be verified by anyone entering the following coordinates on Google Earth: 12°8’1.5″N, 119°35’26.4″W.

What did Igazusta find? The structure appears to be a pyramid. In fact, it is estimated at between 8.5 and 11 miles at its base. If this is indeed not a natural phenomenon, this would make it by far the largest pyramid on the planet. I investigated this for myself today. The photo included is of the presumed structure as seen by me on my laptop using google maps.

There are the possibilities that this is not a pyramid. Ignoring those that say it is a natural formation, what are the other options? The fact that the discovery was prompted by an emission of bright light would lead us to wonder if this is not a “lost city” persay, but rather an active, hidden base or even a spaceship.

What are the possible explanations to something like this?

Whether you call it a pyramid or a dome, it is clustered near other similar formations around what appears to be a flat-topped mountain. There is also possibly a tail- or rudder-like protrusion off of one side of it. It could be dismissed as a natural formation, but the fact that it is said to have emitted a bright light is the key. Nothing on the ocean floor emits bright light with the exception of certain creatures that have a naturally-occurring glow. Have you ever seen an angler fish THAT bright? No. It is quite possible that this structure is covered by sediment, perhaps millennia-worth of it. When you contrast it with the ancient mountain formation near it, it stands out as distinctly not “rocky”.

What is it? Is it a submerged spacecraft covered in sediment? Is it perhaps a subterranean base with a lookout? Don’t forget that this part of the ocean has been the scene of much debate and speculation due to the abundance of strange sightings related to UFOs. Was it landed or built there intentionally? Or is it a crash sight? As for the light…is this informational data or a distress beacon? And where was it being relayed to? Who sent the beacon, AI who outlived the occupants, or are the occupants still there? Are they thriving or do they need help? How often is this light emitted and how long has it been going on for? Have we just never noticed it before? Or is it something new calling our attention? 

Whatever the case may be, fear should not be a part of the equation for us here on the Terrestrial surface. Why not? Whatever this is has clearly been here for a long time. If they have done us no harm up until now, why should we assume that it or they will cause us harm in the future?

I often sum things like this up by saying that Extraterrestrial Biological Entities have been a part of our world longer than we have. We go on blissfully unaware as a general populace. So do not fear knowledge. Knowing anything has a greater advantage than knowing nothing.

So be a good explorer. Fire up Google maps and let’s get the ball rolling!

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