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There have been more than 12,000 crop circles that appeared around the world. The majority of scientists write them off as pranks afraid to be associated with studying a controversial subject. Yet, even they admit that many crop circles are not explained. Crop circle enthusiasts are still looking for answers, and one created an experiment unlike any other. First-time filmmaker Charles Maxwell theorizes that crop circle images are blueprints for building UFOs; the theory that he tests in his documentary “A Field Full of Secrets.”  

Crop Circle History

Crop circles started heavily appearing in the English countryside in the 1980s and 1990s; they appear to this day. Some are elaborate and represent mathematical equations. In 2008, for example, one crop circle in England represented the first ten digits of Pi; it was divided into 10 invisible segments like a pizza pie.

It is no argument that many crop circles are made by people. In 1991, two men Doug Bower and David Chorley of England admitted to creating 250 of them but of course there have been thousands more. Other artists interested in the topic may have taken it as an intriguing challenge to make one. Some do not even care about making circles, they just want to create art.

Firefox symbol was created in a field by the Oregon State University Linux Users group in 2006, celebrating a popular web browser. Corn mazes remain popular during the fall. One German town created Asterix and Obelix characters from French comic books in a field of corn in 2009.

Yet, many crop circles remain unexplained. Many crop circles show no signs of human contact. The most bizarre trait of a crop circle is that the crops are not broken when laid down.

crop circle
A crop circle from A Field Full of Secrets footage.

Australian Independent Crop Circle Research Megan Heazlewood said that crop circles can appear on many different crop types from silverbeet to rice paddies. She is most intrigued by canola field crop circles because canola stalks snap like celery at 45 degrees, yet they did not break when bent 90 degrees in crop circles.

A reporter from The Conversation also points out that most hoaxers claiming to have created crop circles are unable to reproduce the results or ignore most questions when requested proof of how they did it with boards and rope (the method hoaxers use).

In 1991 a biophysicist Dr. William C. Levengood studying the stalks from the crop circles and found anomalies in the first node of each plant that can only be explained by either electromagnetic or microwave energy exposure from a technology that humanity does to possess (at least to the public’s knowledge).  

In 1992, Michael Chorost led an investigation named “Project Agnus” that also found anomalies in the soil of the crops.

All of which still points to potential involvement of not Earthly forces in making the crop circles.

Crop Circle In An Early Newspaper?

crop circle in early newspaper
IMAGE: Wikipedia Commons

Some believe that the first circle was written about in a 1678 woodcut of the mowing devil. The illustration shows a horned-man mowing a field in a circular motion. Others say it originated from a folklore that tells a story of an English farmer who in a fight with a farm worker said out loud that he would rather pay the devil himself to take care of the job. The image does not represent a crop circle by definition because the crop stalks are shown being cut down, not laid down.

Two-Months Crop Circle Investigation In England

(The rest of the article contains spoilers from A Field Full of Secrets).

Maxwell stepped into a crop circle for the first time in 2008 with a friend Dax Phelan who filmed everything, and his life was changed forever. As soon as he entered the crop circle, he says he felt being watched; and that it was not a part of this world, even though his friends were not as convinced.

Charles Maxwell

Maxwell became hooked on looking for answers about what crop circles are, not satisfied with the mainstream “hoax” answer explaining all of the formations.

Maxwell’s answer to what crop circles are is unique. Looking at the fact that the designs became more complex every year,  and after visiting 42 crop circles during his two-months stay in England, he says that he has more questions than answers.

He went into many fields himself, saw the damaged nodes of the crops done in the way that according to the experts in the movie no hoaxer can do. He also returned many nights to try to catch any hoaxers at work, but only saw backpackers who were camping out in the middle of one crop circle.

Maxwell and his team bumped into a man Peter Sorenson who was said to claim some involvement in making the Pi crop circle, yet he refused to say or admit anything on camera about it. Instead he was shown teaching children how to make crop circles with a rope and board method. The designs came out looking imperfect.

Maxwell saw fields that was created by a hoaxer like Sorenson claims to be; and the way the stalks are broken and not bend is seen clearly in the finished documentary.

Not finding real answers, Maxwell got an idea that the crop circles are getting more intricate and larger (up to ¾ mile across) because “we are being taught a language.”

crop circle
Another crop circle from A Field Full of Secrets footage.

He tried to make his own circle with encoded Morse code and had Sorenson create it in the field to send a message; but the message was either not received or misunderstood.

After a two-months journey, the harvest season put the crop circle research that year to and end, and Maxwell went home to Los Angeles with more questions.

Crop Circle Images As Blueprints

The only real clue Maxwell saw was the Pi crop circle and its built-in math. This is how his idea was born that each crop circle is a blueprint to be decoded.

“Some researchers believe that the formation that we see are effectively two dimensional representations of three-dimensional objects. And that if we could learn to create these three-dimensional objects, they might actually be showing us a new technology, be it antigravity, be it free energy…”

“The universe does not run on gasoline,” Maxwell says.

It runs on free energy or a different type of energy yet unknown by our technology. Maxwell is hoping the crop circles may help.

crop circle blueprint
A crop circle blueprint material from A Field Full of Secrets footage.
3D model made on the computer using a combination of crop circles such as the image above.

He paired up with a ‘mysterious inventor’ Nikola Romanski after the man emailed him with the information to use these crop circle blueprints to build a UFO. This is the very first time this was attempted to be done.

Romanski used AutoCAD to create a 3D model of one of the crop circles from 2009. It looked like “some kind of machine.”

He said it looked like a “power plant for alternative zero-point energy…some people may call it a light-speed engine.”

Romanski used eleven crop circle designs to create a model that he and Maxwell tried to build. The job proved to be harder than anticipated and they had to consult a team of engineers and to outsource the making of many parts.

The closest the got was creating a plasma flame, which was like the heart of the engine, and shocking to Maxwell friends’ proof that this blueprint can create a real device.

Unfortunately, they ran out of money the investors have put in and needed about $100,000 more and another six months of work.

Not The Only One…

Maxwell decided to accept that the project has failed and stop everything. However, he soon discovered that he is not the only person who has attempted to use crop circles as a free-energy device blueprint. There was at least one more person doing the same.

With reignated hope, Maxwell flew to Hawaii to meet with Nassim Haramein, the founder of The Resonance Project. The first thing he asked him was if he had wasted his time building a UFO.

“Absolutely not. In science, there is no such thing as a waste of time. Edison made thousands of lightbulbs before the one that worked.”

Haramein also reminded Maxwell that the scientific community did not believe that airplanes could fly until it was done.

“When I look at your guys’ device and what you extrapolated from the crop circle, I think you guys were right on track…that the fundamental spin is important…When you understand that, you can build devices to interact with the universe.”

The movie also has interviews of various crop circle researchers, many of whom believe non-Earthly makers of the crop circles are possible; and that E.T. beings may be creating them to help and work with human higher consciousness.

“What I was trying to do was to prove to myself and to my friend and to my daughter that there’s wonder in the world.”

Sounds like Maxwell is not giving up anytime soon; and perhaps his project will fuel ideas from others.

See the movie trailer “A Field Full of Secrets” below or rent it or buy it here.

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