A “miraculous” sighting has been reported over an area of the globe wounded by war. A bright cross of light appeared over Crimea. While some people interpret this intriguing appearance as a warning sine, others see it as an inspiration message because its shape is recalled as a holy sign.

Reported on October 30, 2015, the miraculous sighting might be more than it meets the eyes. It has an unnatural and dynamic behavior, as it dances through the skies of Sevastopol, a strategic city located in the southwestern region of the Crimea Peninsula on the Black Sea. What could this be? A symbolic UFO? Or is it more likely an entity, a being of light that has descended from space to send a message to people found in that conflict area?

[youtube id=”KFwpU6xbBiM” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

Apparently, the bizarre sighting is bouncing up and down, and when seen from a different angle it appears as a cross of light with dynamic movement. The strange being came really close to the ground before ascending to the sky once again. Upon rising from the ground, the cross starts to glow more intense and it appears to pulsate.

The witness who recorded this video was captivated by the mysterious light. He saw a clear message in it: a holy being sent to transmit an important message, a message of peace – end of an old and bloody conflict. He stated that:

The cross seemed to be alive. As if it were some kind of entity. It was pulsating, and then it went up until it disappeared.

At first sight, we would consider this to be a coincidence, a lens flare or maybe a strange phenomenon that occurred due to a natural cause of some sort, but apparently, similar sightings have been reported over disputed area these past years.


On June 24, 2015, another symbol strongly resembling to the one above appeared over the city of Danesk, Ukraine. At first, witnesses thought it was a meteorite, but after the light turned into a white cross, everyone was puzzled and considered it a holy sign.

If you think that east Europeans are superstitious and foolish, you might want to reconsider because the spot of the appearance happened where the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 passenger flight was shot down from the ground by pro-Russian insurgents, according to American and German intelligence.

So what can this puzzling sighting be? Is this a divine message or a holy being? Or is it in fact an unknown type of UFO or military craft?