Scientists see Mars as a now-dead planet, with no living organisms habiting its surface. However, recent images seen via Google Earth reveal how the dusty terrain suffered changes due to some unknown event or phenomenon. What could be the reason of this?

The images reveal a formation of rocks that have been moved in a straight line, leaving a plain trail behind them, and considering that we’re talking about Mars, where nothing is expected to move on the surface, the hypothesis of NASA officials lying about the actual situation there doesn’t seem too far off.

movement on mars 4

So what or who could have caused these trails? Could it be water or a dust devil? Or is there something more exotic to blame for this?

Analysts now believe the phenomenon is the result of a “dust devil”, but several aspects don’t match to this theory. If it were indeed the work of a dust tornado, the trail left behind would have to be curved or in zig-zag, but the images show a perfectly straight line behind the rock formation. So what are the other viable theories?


Well, according to some, the bizarre Martian phenomenon could have been caused by a flow of water on the surface, but this just doesn’t add up since the particularities of the trail are too symmetric and don’t match the description of a water flow, not to mention other illogical aspects regarding this water hypothesis.

One of the photos however, has a unique feature that might explain this phenomenon. If you look carefully, a bright dot is visible on the right of the rock formation, and considering the distance from where the photos were taken, the object has to be quite big. It also leaves a distinctive trail that stretches over the rock formation (a thin, curved and black trail). So how can NASA explain this bright object on the surface? Is this some kind of alien device that’s causing all the movement? Could this prove that an alien machinery is present on the surface of the Red Planet or beneath it?

movement on mars 3

It might be impossible to find the actual cause, but we can analyze all the theories involving this event and see which one fits better. So far, what researchers have come up with doesn’t offer a clear perspective of what happened there. Besides the above explanations, some analysts believe that what’s moving on Mars strongly resembles to a mysterious phenomenon found here on Earth.

For years, scientists have been perplexed by an unexplained event happening in California’s Death Valley. A bizarre group of boulders appear to be moving there across the arid terrain and no one seems to figure out why. If we look at this earthly phenomenon closely, we’ll see that it has the highest resemblance to the moving rock formations from Mars. However, both events remain a mystery even for the modern science, since everyone is speculating about the cause but fail to precisely identify it.

movement on mars5

Could this be interpreted as strong evidence of alien activity on both planets? And why is NASA stating that everything is dead on the Martian surface if these images show exactly the contrary? Whatever may be the case, we have our eyes open and will report as many anomalies as possible, for more people need to see that there is something strange happening on Mars, and also here on Earth.

It’s likely that NASA knows way more about these things but apparently they don’t care to share with the rest of the world. That, or maybe the above photos were taken in the Death Valley on Earth, which would lead to a massive and terrible cover-up from the renowned space agency.

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