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Mike Tyson was on the Joe Rogan experience podcast on September 4th, 2020. In this interview he made a groundbreaking statement and has stated that he thinks human beings are the ‘descendants of aliens’ during a discussion with Joe Rogan. This was an unexpected answer while discussing ET life and life forms.

He is fighting Roy Jones Jr on November 28th, so he’s doing media appearances until that date for the fight. He’s doing media interviews to promote the bout and so appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast on Friday.

Joe Rogan is no stranger to discussing conspiracies, conspiracy theories, the paranormal, as well as any other unconventional theories with guests on his show, thankfully this was something ‘Iron Mike’ more than happy to talk about.

Tyson shared: “Listen, there’s more stars in space than there are grains of sand in the desert. “Can you imagine that?”

Rogan asked Tyson “What do you think about aliens, Mike?”

And Tyson replied: “I think we’re aliens. I think we’re descendants of aliens.

“If you can’t explain – If you can only tell me about Adam and Eve, I’mma go with the aliens.

“If that’s what you’re hitting me with, Adam and Eve? I’mma go with these alien guys.”

Joe Rogan laughed, then added: “There’s a lot of people that believe we’re the product of aliens.

“That aliens came down and did some experiments with lower hominids and did some accelerated genetic experiments and created people.”

Tyson said: “Well listen, when certain tribes of people, I’m not saying caucasians when they came to Africa, even before that.

“When people came to other people, the first time they seen them, they were ‘aliens’.

“The first time an asian man saw a caucasian man, that was an ‘alien’.

“A black man saw an asian man or a white man, that was an ‘alien’.

“Maybe they weren’t aliens, but that’s what they thought they were. They were just a tribe of people that encountered them.

“Perhaps they [aliens] were getting extinct, they were dying and they had to breed the lower – whatever you were saying – lower hominids, and this is us.”

Watch The Full Joe Rogan Experience Podcast With Mike Tyson Here:

Mike Tyson believes humans are descendants of aliens. Do you?

How many other celebrities? professional athletes and show hosts believe that aliens and ET life forms are real?

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