After ‘the Devil’ found its resting place at Shaitan Mazar, a second expedition has departed in the summer of 1992 to find the remains.

The UFO organization SAKKUFON could not afford losing anymore precious time and resources, that’s why this time, the crew members were carefully selected based on strict criteria. Under the command of retired Major G. Svechkov, the unit went through a series of preparatory physical tests over the course of several months.

During the expedition, the main group was divided into three smaller ones so that at least one of them would succeed in reaching the crashed UFO. Their main objective was to collect as many evidence as possible from the crash site.

They separated on June 1992 after reaching the base camp located about two miles away from the place. The three patrols then had to escalade a dangerous mountain slope in order to reach their destination. After this feat, the only obstacle in their way remained the presumed electrical field in the area. They also had to pay attention to the rumors speaking of villagers that suffered mysterious burns upon approaching the site.

The three divisions met one mile away from the site. From this point they could see the robust object crashed on a desolate plateau. Although the men had trained for this moment for several months, they were still overcome by anxiety and fatigue.


Before heading towards the UFO, they searched for anomalous activity in the vicinity and soon discovered a potent force field that had taken over the area near the object. About three quarters of a mile from the object, all electronic devices failed to respond. Their previous plan to thoroughly inspect the crash site had failed, and they now had to rely only on traditional means to establish the final report.

The crew determined that the UFO smashed into a nearby cliff and broke into two pieces before tumbling down the mountain slope for more than 5,000 feet before stabilizing on the plateau below. The metallic outer covering had been torn open by the explosion, revealing the interior design which consisted of two levels. When the men tried to venture further, they were hold aback by an invisible force field that seemed to cover about half a mile from the UFO.

Although they couldn’t see any alien bodies from that distance, it was at least enough to spot the mysterious green symbols on the sides. UFOlogist Nikolay Subbotin copied them on paper and determined they didn’t belong to any known earthen language. At this point, they were certain the UFO was the one described by the MIG fighters one year from now.


Remains of the MI-8 military helicopter were also visible not far from their position. The investigation led them to believe that the helicopter crashed because of the force field that also denied them further access. Mysteriously enough, no bodies were found inside or near the wrecked helicopter.

There was nothing much the group could do in this case. With the force field preventing them from exploring possibly one of the greatest mysteries of the modern world, and with all the electronic gear malfunctioning, they finally decided to return to base.

Bringing back proof of this UFO crash would have the entire scientific community review their beliefs, but all photographic and video evidence were compromised. However, they didn’t return empty handed, as there were plenty of drawings, notes and sketches taken by the crew, along with their personal accounts of the incident.

This failure (if we can call it that) had only inspired them to return once more to eventually breach the force field and explore the UFO wreckage. Because of insufficient funding, they couldn’t make use of a helicopter right away, that’s why they had to delay the mission until 1998 and cross the mountains all over again.

In the six years that had passed since their last visit, the UFO had disappeared. The helicopter wreck was gone as well. In all likelihood, the military had removed the UFO and nature had taken care of any remaining tracks. The electromagnetic anomalies were no longer present, leading the group to realize they had made the third journey in vain.

Hopeless, they understood the Shaitan Mazar UFO incident was a closed chapter and returned to their usual lives.

The incident remains an enigma until this day, and although physical evidence is missing, the case cannot be fully dismissed. We still have the sketches and testimonies of four jet pilots, backed up by ground radar data.

The members of the second expedition to the Devil’s Grave swear by what they saw and despite criticism, they still hold their claims. It seems the alleged crash of an alien craft into the Tien Shan Mountains is destined to remain a mystery, but some believe the Devil’s Grave was indeed the temporary tomb of an unidentified flying object of otherworldly origins.