Amazing footage of a bright green UFO zipping through the sky over Siberia has the internet abuzz with theories.

On a Tuesday night, thousands of Russians witnessed the unusual event unfold over their homes. Considering the recent situation of strained political relationships between the U.S. and Russia, many of the witnesses took to social media with inflamed posts that showcased their concerns:

‘A comet fell from the sky, it was glowing bright green (and quite large)…’

‘At 19.30 in the sky a comet or a meteor was flying. There was a powerful flash. Who else saw it?’ 

‘Today, at about 19.50, there was was a strange flash in the sky. Looked like a comet with a green tail.

The flash occurred at around 7:30 p.m. and was seen by residents of the Irkutsk area and also in the Republic of Buryatia, two regions that huddle the world’s deepest freshwater lake, the enigmatic Baikal.

The event was also witnessed by Mikhail Ovdin, director of a nature reserve in the area:

“[…] we saw a sharp light of bright green color. And then we saw the object flying, leaving behind a trail. It flew within five seconds, and disappeared over Lake Baikal. I think it burned down in the atmosphere.”

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But there is disagreement amid the experts as to the real origin of the green ball of fire. Liliya Mironova, head of Buryat State University’s Astronomical Observatory in Ulan-Ude said she had not witnessed the event firsthand but that the videos were evidence enough that the object was man-made:

“I can say with certainty that it was not a meteorite, not a meteor or a comet,” she told Siberian Times. “It is clear that we are talking about some sort of man-made object. Firstly, if it reached the ground, there would be a shock wave, and everybody would have felt it. But it did not reach the ground. This object is very slow.”

If the object was indeed man-made, it could be a piece of orbital machinery re-entering our atmosphere. But reports show the streak of light could have also been caused by fragments of a ballistic missile. As it turns out, the test launch of one such destroyer took place mere hours before the incident. At 16:58 local time, an ICBM RS-18 was launched from the Yasnenskoye missile unit in the Orenburg region. The launch was deemed successful after the defanged missile landed at the Kura combat field located in the Kamchatka Peninsula.

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According to the Russian MoD, no other launches took place that day.

While some have suggested the strange event was caused by a meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere and burning up, others are convinced the streak of light might have been caused by a missile, stray or directed. Since the experts were unable to reach a general accord, the UFO hypothesis has also been forwarded.

This assumption is bolstered by the numerous strange incidents that happened in or around Lake Baikal, incidents that suggest the region is regularly visited by extraterrestrials. Many reports coming from the former Soviet Union detail unexplained incidents featuring unidentified submerged objects (USOs) and aquatic humanoids inhabiting Lake Baikal’s treacherous waters.


In the meantime, residents are profoundly spooked by the possibility that aliens are visiting their airspace.

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