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Foot locker just released an ad with aliens invading as the world is ending and people are frantically getting their favorite shoes on before the mothership abducts them.

Foot locker seems to be speaking to the more popular topic of UFO’s and aliens in today’s culture. Earlier this year a social movement that involved over 3 million registrants on facebook was canceled by the Government. Storm Area 51.

Now, everyone and their mother is sharing stories of how they saw a UFO once upon a time or how they communicated with an ET during a dream or vision. The outside worlds are making contact, but will we listen?

Check out the Foot Locker ad here:

The ad is getting a lot of views very quickly with fans loving the creativity of the foot locker campaign.

The commercial ends with an elderly man asking Ganesh Matlock “Hey Kid, where you going? You know it’s the end of the world right?”

Ganesh Responds: Yeah, but it’s the week of greatness. While continuing to walk towards a decimated city that everyone is retreating. Rapper @GaneshMatlock is rumored to have an up and coming song called “Alien” in the works.

The craziest part about this ad is that foot locker tagged everyone in the ad except for the rapper sharing their main message of the ad, that “It’s the week of greatness.” Someone at Foot locker dropped the ball, literally.

Hold onto your sneaks, foot locker doesn’t have an “abducted by aliens” on their receipt policy 😉

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