It’s time to discuss the difference between two types of time travel: one that can take us to the future and the other which takes us into the past.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is a fundamental truth that few people are aware of. He showed us how time flows more slowly in space, and when you return to Earth your clock will seem to have been ticking backwards! This means if we go off planet for an extended period then our personal timeline advances into the future – so it might as well be considered “traveling back”.

Einstein also showed that if you hang out near a nice strong source of gravity — like, say for instance the neutron star or even black hole — and get right on the edge, then time would slow down real slow relative to everybody else. When they come back from their travels in deep space it’ll be much farther into their future!

This is not controversial stuff. Any physicist who knows what they’re talking about agrees with this statement, but as soon as we talk about going into the past there are numerous people that disagree and say it’s impossible for time travel to occur in the reverse direction.

The main proposal that people at least consider worthy of attention for traveling back in time does make use of a weird concept called wormholes. Wormholes are something Albert Einstein discovered again, which he said can be used as an alternative means to reach past places and eras without having any avail on our own timeline or reality!

It’s really compelling when you think about its implications because those who go through them might not even exist anymore once they return from whence came- just vanish into thin air?

Einstein discovered this in 1935, but found that if you manipulate the openings of a wormhole, put one near a black hole, or take it on an high-speed journey then two different views are possible. You’ll no longer just move from one location to another – instead your perspective could be shifted back through time!

One direction means going back into history whereas taking off at full speed will allow for future sightseeing trips without ever getting old (and who doesn’t want less wrinkles?)

Now again, we don’t know if wormholes are real. But it’s not ruled out

A human attempt at time travel has always been a dream for many people around the world with mad scientists and other sci-fi fantasy novels making this idea seem more possible than ever before in recent years; however since there are no concrete explanations as to how one would successfully navigate through such an event without actually getting fried during their trip (not even mentioning what may happen upon arrival), you can consider these claims mere fiction until someone invents lasers that function reliably enough so they don’t immediately vaporize whatever unlucky soul sets foot inside!

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