The city is keeping us from seeing most of the amazing stuff nature has to offer. There are natural wonders all around us that are still waiting for an explanation. Sometimes however, nature finds a way to surprise us even in the most urbanized areas.

We’ve seen how the rays of light can wave from the clouds, and all the strange entities that are crawling through the sky. Mother Nature doesn’t care if it’s night or day, she’ll show off whenever she likes. But how do we humans interpret her messages? Are rational explanations enough to make us understand the message sent by nature, or is there a deeper meaning for which we must dig deeper?

In late 2015, a video appeared on YouTube showing the forest floor ‘breathing’ like a snoozing giant. It happened in Nova Scotia, one of Canada’s Maritime provinces, and people were fascinated and intrigued at the same time of the unusual sighting. Large portions of the forest’s floor started moving similar to a breathing lung, and people wanted to know if this is an omen foretelling something big that’s about to happen in the future, or only an isolated anomaly easily explained by science.

So what could be causing all this? At first, people thought it was because of the murky terrain in that region, but they quickly reached a different conclusion. The ‘breathing earth’ is the result of the shallow root system together with a shallow bedrock that’s being triggered by the wind crossing throughout the trees. This hypothesis implies that powerful wind moves the treetops that furtherly balances the base of the trees supported by roots buried extremely close to the surface. This seems logical enough, but there are other facts to take into consideration. How can the trees stand so much pressure without falling apart, and how come this is not a widespread phenomenon since trees are basically found all around us?

Science is not always reliable when it comes to answering questions. Although some reasons are good enough, it proves that sooner or later, scientific explanations get replaced by others, be it scientific or pure speculative.

As it happens, nature found a way to surprise us once more when a few days ago, a sidewalk was caught ‘breathing’ in Cadimare, Italy. It shares the same characteristics as the phenomenon observed in the Canadian forest, but there are no trees around this time to think of the same scientific explanation. CDS News documented the sighting and proposed that it could be caused by the waves of the sea washing under the sidewalk and lifting it up. But apparently, such explanations are not well founded, and are only based on speculative reasons. So, what could be really moving the ground?

According to researchers, the ‘breathing earth’ phenomenon could be caused by intense underground activity. What’s causing havoc below we can only guess, but since global warming is real and is intensifying year after year, this could occur due to nature responding to the many pollutants. Because of the global warming, nature may try to shake us humans off. It’s likely that new phenomenon such as this will emerge in the near future, and it’s up to us to carefully interpret the signs.

Until the time comes, try to make as many people aware of what is happening around us. There are countless mysteries waiting outside, all of them guaranteed to blow your mind in a good way.