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A big discovery has been made by Curiosity rover over the Martian terrain, both literally and physically.

With all the recent relics pointing towards a timeworn, vanished Martian civilization, the official announcement finally arrived from NASA, claiming after more years of research that the neighboring planet Mars has been warm and wet in its distant pass, and possibly habitable.

Even though the space agency admitted this fact after years of study, the majority of people already speculated this for quite some time, given all the feedback received from the planet’s surface. The numerous relics vary from presumed man-made structures to living beings such as lizards or sand-crabs, but this time however, a huge monument has been spotted in a low-resolution picture from NASA resembling an earthly statue of a God or King.

[youtube id=”TrPeY7bzbww” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” thumbnail=”Big statue on Mars” grow=”no”]

After the image is enhanced, the statue’s features appear more clearly, revealing a circular head with a blurred hair and face, a muscular chest and a blurred shape of one leg. If you look towards the back of the statue, it appears as if it’s standing on a large throne with both hands rested on it.

Once again, this particular find is heating up debate between Mars analysts on one side and skeptics on the other. While we cannot state for sure that the image is an actual antique monument, its features are clear enough to see that it strongly resembles a man-made piece.

Due to its prominent head and chest and also because of its lying position – similar to our earthly sculptures, we find it hard to believe that it occurred as a result of a natural phenomenon.

Whatever the case, this image adds up even more to the possibility of a Martian civilization similar to our own.

Because of the low quality of the official image, theories have emerged claiming that it was intentionally altered in order to hide its features as well as the overall truth.

Does NASA think humanity is not prepared to find out about all these amazing discoveries, or is there another complicated reason that’s preventing them from disclosing?