A disk-like UFO was recently filmed while speeding over Ysterplaat Airforce Base in Cape Town, South Africa. The mysterious object has caused a heated debate among UFO analysts as they are trying to understand its exact type and origins.

On February 27, 2016, a man was recording the ground run of an Avro Shackleton, a British long-range maritime patrol aircraft used by the Royal Air Force and the Sothern African Air Force in the 1950s. After reviewing the film, the man saw an anomaly that only lasted for a brief moment. After slowing the video down, he saw a mysterious object that passed right above the airbase at a tremendous speed.

Wesley Saunders of YouTube uploaded a detailed footage of the sighting, and it shows the original moment when the UFO is passing through the frame almost unnoticed, a slowed-down view with the object, and ultimately a zoomed-in frame. Besides the otherworldly speed of the UFO, the footage reveals its oval shape and a dome on top that’s reflecting the rays of light, features matching the classic UFO description. The UFO comes from the right side of the screen and it follows a curved trajectory. In real time, it’s almost invisible to the eye, or it can be misinterpreted with a bird or a particle of dust, but seen frame-by-frame, a new set of details is revealed.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/LnuxxsnB4bo” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” thumbnail=”UFO-over-Cape-Town South-Africa” grow=”no”]

According to UFO researchers, this is an example of an alien flying-disk. The amazing traveling speed leaves no doubt that the saucer is of extraterrestrial origins, and the dome revealed in the first few frames because of the sun reflecting off of it adds up even more to the extraterrestrial assumption. However, analysts are trying to figure out whether the speeding object is some kind of alien drone, or a bigger device that’s being piloted by someone. Now, it could be a drone because of the explosive speed at which the object is flying, but because of the visible dome and the relatively low traveling altitude, it could prove to be driven by someone.

This isn’t an isolated case of UFO seen near an airbase. In 2014, a video showing a similar craft being chased by a Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the Aguadilla Coastguard has been declassified. In this case, the craft was pursued for a while until it had reached the ocean. There, a second ‘companion’ emerged from the water to escort the UFO, then both crafts smoothly descended into the water, unaffected by the hydrodynamic forces.

Another case of what I presume to be an alien drone surfaced from the archives of a Russian military base. The mysterious object was caught on the surveillance cameras while closely investigating the perimeter. In this case however, the UFO has a smaller size, and it is cloaked by an intense layer of brightness, making its features undistinguishable. So, is the UFO surprised over Ysterplaat Airforce Base in South Africa a drone, or is it rather a complex alien craft?


After analyzing the above mentioned cases, the object is likely to be an authentic alien craft rather than a drone. It presents a metallic design that’s glowing when exposed to sunlight, and its trajectory is not linear, facts pointing towards an artificial design, and since drones are presumably luminous and smaller in size, the speeding object is, in my opinion, an authentic alien craft. Whoever is piloting the device, and what’s it trying to obtain remains a matter of interpretation, but considering that the place of sighting is near the meeting place of three important oceans (Atlantic, Southern, and Indian Ocean,) it’s extremely possible that an underwater ET base is found nearby. Seeing the advanced capabilities of these otherworldly crafts, it’s easy to understand how they manage to stay hidden for so long.

Is it possible that the military knows of their existence? Do they have a secret pact with these otherworldly beings that are apparently residing on planet Earth? Share your thoughts!