After the space race began, numerous reports involving UFOs were sent by the crew of the Gemini Project, and some of them even speak of the notorious Black Knight Satellite.

The speed of our evolution knows no limits and the man is a species to whom boundaries are and always will be a thing of the past.

Who knew that soon after developing the most rudimental concepts of today’s technology, humanity’s ambition to explore the great beyond may lead us to the watchers?”

Short History of the Space Race:

The first steps in breaking this new and final frontier took shape in the form of the Space Race fueled by the Cold War between the USA and the USSR, in order to prove superiority over each other, a sort of global scale intimidation game.

The first move belonged to the Russians in 1957 with the unmanned launch of Sputnik, which triggered the ego of the US Air Force leading in the creation of the NASA organization and starting a series of space mission projects: Project Mercury, Project Gemini and the famous Project Apollo, marked in the history as the first Moon landing.

The first project took place between 1958 through 1963 and it consisted of test launches with no human passengers aboard. The last two years of the Mercury Project converged with the first two years of the next phase of the Space Race: Project Gemini.


Project Gemini was a preamble of the main objective, to land astronauts on the Moon and in order to get to that point, other secondary but nonetheless major objectives had to be achieved, such as the first docking of two space ships and the Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) also known as “space walks” outside the spacecraft, in zero-gravity conditions.

The Black Knight Satellite Conundrum

18 – 21 July 1966, Gemini X

During the events of Gemini X program, the astronauts took a few photographs that revealed after almost 50 years, some details that created controversies around them.  This photographic evidence consolidates some beliefs around a bizarre cosmic relic known as “The Black Knight Satellite”.

Its origin is most unclear; however, it has been determined that this mysterious object is orbiting our planet for over 13000 years, and its strange behavior and characteristics caused more confusion on whether it is a part of an older space craft that kept drifting on a random course, at a distance of 600 miles from the surface.

It was excluded the possibility of a spy satellite on behalf both USA and USSR, getting into the attention of rogue scientists and even the military and the media, despite an attempt of press coverage by the NASA.

It seems that Earth is no stranger to UFO apparitions beyond its atmosphere and the Black Knight Satellite might not be the only heavenly body to survey our planet.

In the same year, an even more intriguing photograph was taken, this time from a different angle, catching what seemed to be pretty clear, the image of a grey space craft with multicolored lights.


Though no report stated that the dark satellite to leave the unnatural and irregular orbiting trajectory, it is not excluded that the multicolored UFO to be same Black Knight, but in a clearly active state.

12 – 15 September, Gemini XI

A sharp eye revealed on a photo taken during the Gemini XI program, that a so called spot on a cloud had a strikingly resembling shape of the Black Knight Satellite, as you can see in the video. Some skeptical minds would blame the cosmic radiations for the picture flaw to be mistaken with the presence of the dark object, which with every zoom looks more alike a static flying saucer.
This case alone is as obvious as it gets, since this shape is high above the clouds and slow enough to be caught on film.

11 – 15 November, Gemini XII

Courtesy to NASA’s Hi-Res capture, this time we have undoubtedly not one, but two space crafts that may or may not be connected with the Black Knight Satellite, considering the same multicolored lights photographed during the Gemini X program.


Either that or we may have fallen victim to our burning desire to find or to be found by extraterrestrial intelligence, and those two bright lights are nothing but simple light trick.

Of course, science could offer us many explanations but in our present stage of development, we have an inner certainty that since the dawn of mankind on this planet, we were never alone and our evolution has been if not somehow influenced, at least overwatched just like an infant learns to make his first steps into a universe as big as his imagination.