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The Milky Way appears to have a hole in it torn by a mysterious object, a recent scientific report revealed. What can be described as a “dark substructure” was noticed by Harvard scientist Ana Bonaca, while working on Gaia observations project, whose goal is to 3D-map our galaxy.

Bonaca first presented her discovery at the American Physical Society in April. She was studying tidal or stellar streams left by starts leaving globular star clusters (a collection of stars) and being drawn to the Milky Way via gravitational pull. Normally there is a uniform density in these tidal streams, but there was one hole. The report states that the hole had to be made by a recent, massive and dense intruder.

Tidal streams are common near the edges of the Milky Way.

The intruder is unknown, and what confused the scientists, is that there was no possible source found by telescopes even though the hole appeared only recently. The hole stretches out between 30 to 65 light years across.

The object had to have been a million times the size of our sun to be able to make this bullet-like  hole. But there are no stars of that size, so the theory of star producing that hole was ruled out.

“[The] stream has notches and twists in it, which suggest its gone by something several million times the mass of the Sun,” said professor in astrophysical Dr. Michael Brown.

So, what created it?

The Black Matter Mystery

First theory was a supermassive black hole, but none were found anywhere nearby.

Another theory is that the hole was created by a luminous object that disappeared fast out of our view and is hiding out somewhere far in the galaxy.

The most current theory is that the hole was made by dark matter, because we cannot see what it is, and because it is one of most mysterious space phenomena that make up about 27 percent of the universe.

“Observations permit a low-mass dark-matter subhalo as a plausible candidate,” Bocana presented in the report.

If dark matter is indeed to blame, it may provide an exciting opportunity for the scientific world to finally be able to study this substance of great mystery.

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