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A Russian politician Aleksandr Pazychko posted a video that stunned many. A video from two years ago recently found its attention online and for a good reason. After 58K reactions, 2.5K comments, and over 250K shares, many people still cannot see an explanation for it.

“This happened last night about 100 kilometers from Oskemen (East Kazakhstan Region of Kazakhstan) at 5 p.m. A planet-looking sphere has appeared after a tornado. Everyone was stunned and in shock. This was sent from relatives who live there.” (translated from Russian)

Do you think it is created by video effects editing program, or there’s something mysterious going on?

The object on the left in the video looks like a distorted full circle rainbow or a planetary nebula in space. The one on the right like a planet similar to Earth.

See for yourself:

Это происходило вчера вечером в 100 км от Усть – Каменогорска в 17.00 после торнадо образовался шар похожая на планету, все обалдели и были в шоке. Это прислали родственики из Усть – Каменогорска.

Posted by Aleksandr Pazychko on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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