While out looking for things to snap the shutter at, a Colorado photographer accidentally caught evidence of UFO activity above his head.

The photo shows a metallic orb UFO hot on the trail of a B2 Bomber flying in formation but that only became apparent when the photographer was later examining the images on his computer.

When he applied digital zoom to one of the photos, he noticed a strange, metallic sphere that appeared to be following one of the B2 bomber aircraft.

By all means, the peculiar sphere is an unidentified flying object but it would be impossible to ascertain whether it is alien in origin or a man-made craft. But the fact that the B2 formation kept flying in a straight line and at a constant speed is a dead indicator that they were aware of the object’s presence.

UFO B2 Bomber

Since the object was visible to the camera, it makes sense to think that the pilots had a visual and it also appeared on the planes’ radars.

It is interesting to note that while the B2 bombers left contrails, the spherical UFO did not. This suggests it must have employed some other means of propulsion. The cruise speed of a B2 is around 560 mph so the object should have been traveling at the same pace in order to stay within the group. Do you know of any unconventional craft that can reach that speed?

UFO B2 Bomber

This fact alone is enough to eliminate weather balloons or other objects of similar shape. The UFO hypothesis seems to be gaining ground here.

[Link to album of hi-res photos uploaded by the photographer here.]

The Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit cost the U.S Air Force more than $2 billion. Apiece. Why deploy three of them if the object they were escorting wasn’t high profile?

Just so we can rule out the possibility of the object being an insect or a bird, take a look at the following photo.

UFO B2 Bomber 3

It was snapped in 2015 and shows another B2 bomber flying over Missouri. The same or a similar UFO appears in the image. Coincidence?

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