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On September 11, 2015, dozens of ethereal-looking objects were filmed falling from the sky over Rhode Island. Those witnessing the unexplained incident were left speechless.

At approximately 7 PM, residents of Hope Valley were treated to a scene straight out of a Sci-Fi movie: dozens of unidentified vaporous objects that seemed to be falling out of nowhere. The ghostly shower lasted for about ten minutes, leaving the witnesses perplexed and in search of an answer.

UFO enthusiasts were quick to provide their expertise on the subject, claiming the objects could be plasma or other ejecta falling from an unseen flying saucer. Another explanation was that they were immaterial probes interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere.

But the most likely candidate has to be angel hair, a sticky, fibrous substance that is often mentioned in connection with the UFO phenomenon. This mysterious material is believed to be created from ionized air coming in contact with the strong electromagnetic/anti-gravity fields generated by UFOs.

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Two of the most famous cases involving angel hair are the 1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg and the 1917 Miracle at Fatima. On both occasions, the strange filamentous substance fell from the sky and disintegrated shortly. This peculiar behavior has prevented scientists from collecting and studying angel hair.

Ufologists suspect that whenever air comes into contact with the immensely powerful anti-gravity field produced by a UFO, the heavier atoms react among themselves, producing a precipitate that falls to the ground. As the ionization decreases, the atoms revert to their initial state and the angel hair dissipates.