After NASA announced that Mars used to be warm and possibly hospitable in the distant past, the images surprised by the rovers roaming the dusty surface of the planet have suddenly started to make more sense. It appears now, more than ever, that on some areas on Mars are standing monuments reminding of a former Martian civilization.

Although the space agency admitted only recently that the Red Planet could had been dwelled some time ago, the countless probes sent by the robotic missions have shown signs of life for many decades. So what is stopping NASA from a full disclosure of the situation there? Could it be that they’ve found something (or someone) still lurking the dusty plains that’s holding them from telling us the truth?

According to some researchers that are constantly analyzing the imagery received from Mars, the above mentioned hypothesis could be true. In fact, we cannot see the true aspect of the planet because, according to them, most of the images are being edited in order to hide the true picture. However, because of the big volume of work NASA has to cover, there are some details that are skipping the eye and make it into the public’s hands, and there are many known artefacts on the surface, but also moving objects in the sky to prove this deliberately cover-up hypothesis.

There are numerous relics varying from presumed man-made structures, to living creatures such as lizards or sand crabs that are capable of enduring the harsh conditions there, but this time however, we’re going to focus our attention on a low-resolution photo sent by Curiosity that strongly resembles an earthly statue dedicated to a god or a great ruler.


We can think of only one possibility why the quality of the image is so bad, but instead of stating out the obvious I’ll present you with an enhanced version of it, that clearly shows earthly features. After zooming in and sharpening the edges, the body of a man standing on a throne starts to take shape. After further increasing the contrast, facial characteristics revealing a circular head with blurred hair and human face are noticed. Other than this, there’s a visible muscular chest, with the lower part of the body being covered in what appears to be clothing or even armor. The enhancing allows for a better view of what NASA scientists are presumably seeing, and are not sharing with the public. Could this be an example of deliberate altering of a Martian find, or is it rather a case of pareidolia – a phenomenon wherein the mind perceives familiar patterns of something which doesn’t exist in reality?

This question has caused a heated debate between Mars analysts and skeptics or rational thinkers. Although there is no guarantee that what we see in the image is indeed an artificial design, the fact that NASA presented a low-resolution picture of it plus the earthly features that resulted from the enhancing, point towards a cover-up scenario.

Whatever the truth is, we can filter the relevant information out of this and trust our own judgement. In any case, the above mentioned example presents further proof that something may be hid from us, and that the renowned space agency could know more than what they’re revealing to us.

Does NASA consider we are not yet ready to embrace the full range of amazing discoveries from Mars, or is there another complex reason that’s preventing them from letting us know what’s going on up there? Share your thoughts.