America’s top spy chief has made a shocking admission that U.S. pilots are reporting that UFO’s buzzing warships could actually be of alien origin. 

The Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Avril Haines oversees all 16 U.S. spy agencies including the well known FBI and CIA. This controversial admission took place when she spoke at the Our Future in Space event at the Washington National Cathedral.

Chief Haines was grilled about the hot topic and serious national security debate that is UFOs and the truth surrounding their origins. For years anything UFO was commonly instantly sloughed off as an illegitimate conspiracy theory.

The Pentagon published the extraordinary Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force report over the summer. In this report, they actually admitted that there have in fact been unexplainable encounters between our US military and mysterious unidentified objects, UFOs.

The UAP report analyzed a total of 144 sightings yet it did not definitively spell out an alien connection, however, it also did not rule out extraterrestrials either. 

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines (public domain).

Haines’ speaking event seemingly further opened up speculation for a possible alien connection than had existed before. 

Haines admitted that there are still some curious things about the encounters that our intelligence community simply cannot explain.  She went on to say that they need to do some more investigating to try to make some sense of these encounters. 

“The main issues that Congress and others have been concerned about is [the]safety of flight concerns and counterintelligence issues,”said Haines. She went on to say, “Always there’s also the question of ‘is there something else that we simply do not understand, which might come extraterrestrially?” Making her the most senior person in our intelligence community to make a hint at an alien connection.

It is alleged that US officials are to be in the process of setting up a specific office in order to look into these phenomena.

Unexplained encounters have gone from blurry hard to legitimize photos to highly detailed incidents involving highly credible US warships and warplanes being recorded using multiple military grade tools.

Haines said, “We were pretty sure that we were not going to get to characterize every single one of these [UAP reports] in the various categories that we identified, because frankly we weren’t able to understand everything about it.”

Avril Haines speaks with David Ignatius at the Washington event on November 10 (Credit: Paul and Nancy Ignagius Program/Washington National Cathedral).

“A large portion of that is based on the fact that we don’t have a consistent way of reporting this information – we need to integrate a lot of data that we get.”

She went on: “We need to get better at collecting information that’s useful to us from different sensors that are available to us.”

“And we need to deepen our analysis in these areas, and that’s something that doesn’t surprise you in the way that we approach our intelligence work.”

She also forecasted a widespread acceleration in our relationship with space within the coming decade.

The most intriguing thing she said was that she would “get fired” if she told the audience what the “coolest” thing that the intelligence services are currently doing in space. On the flip side, she warned that there could be conflicts in space between the US, Russia and China when it comes to colonizing

She stated that the U.S. is “committed to protecting access to and exploring space for a variety of nations”. She continued, “We recognize how important this is to our collective human prosperity.”

The Pentagon’s UFO report was commissioned by US lawmakers after a surprising flurry of leaked videos that depicted military encounters with unidentified objects. 

This has marked an incredibly unexpected turnaround after years of the government dismissing UFOs. The report actually admits that the encounters could have been a (previously) unknown aircraft from China, Russia or even some non-governmental terror group. However, at the same time, it definitely did not rule out an extraterrestrial source.

The controversial debate that for decades had been considered a taboo and pernicious topic is now finally being openly spoken about by very credible senior people, most notably former President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

This information comes as the Pentagon whistleblower Lue Elizondo suggested that pilots may have suffered warped, or lost, time as well as mysterious radiation burns during encounters with the unknown objects. Elizondo ran the United States’ previous UFO investigation unit. 

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