We’ve heard about secret pacts with the Government and aliens before, like this crazy one (read here). However, this one is different in that Donald Trump knew about this and possibly facilitated. The deal also involved an Ex-Israeli space chief.

Haim Eshed is a renowned educator and resigned general. He said that the outsiders are just as inquisitive about humankind, looking to comprehend its texture in this universe of ours- so he told Memo: Middle East Monitor.
“The first airport on planet earth was established here,” Finjan added according to his site’s article by Mary Battiwin.”

Eshed, who is a respected professor and retired general, said the aliens were equally curious about humanity and were seeking to understand the fabric of the universe.

Last week, in a meeting to Israel’s Yediot Aharonot paper Haim Eshed – previous top of the country’s Defense Ministry space directorate argued that UFOs have asked not to distribute their presence here because mankind isn’t prepared at this point.

The meeting in Hebrew language has got individuals taking a twofold take after parts were distributed.
Eshed, who is a renowned educator and resigned general said the outsiders seemed to be inquisitive with regards for mankind’s texture of universe so they can comprehend it better themselves too – something we should all strive towards doing!

He further uncovered that participation arrangements were endorsed between species, including an “underground base in the profundities of Mars” where there are American space explorers and outsider agents. As indicated by Israeli researcher Eitan Kleinman (2016), this underground ecosystem is maintained through a secret agreement made with our government which involves ETs from other worlds living among us here on Earth!

Trump Knew About The Deal Ex-Israeli Space Chief Shares

Eshed dropped another stunner when he said that President Donald Trump was mindful of the extra-terrestrials’ presence and nearly uncovering astounding data, however stopped without revealing what they wanted hidden.

This passage is describing how the galactic alliance has been trusting humanity to create and arrive at a phase where we humans can comprehend, as rule what space ships are. As indicated by NBC, a representative for NASA said one of their office’s objectives was the quest for life in the universe, yet that it still couldn’t seem to find indications of extra-earthbound life. 

In May of this year, President Trump said that space will be the future both as far as safeguarding and offense. The USA is a pioneer in terms on space exploration with him being responsible for creating another branch: Space Force!

The Space Force, heavily tasked with defending US satellites and interchanges in space has the opportunity to be a strategic asset for American interests abroad.

It was recently revealed that British writer Nick Pope examined UFOs for his now-outdated Ministry of Defense division; let NBC know how this new development could play into international affairs when it comes down protecting our country’s assets from outside threats like aliens or other nations who may try stealing them!

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