When you think of ancient civilizations, what pops into your head? Aztec, Native Americans or even the Romans? But what about what came before them? Imagine a technologically advanced ancient civilization that predates human existence. The Annunaki may seem like a fable but I promise its anything but.

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Zechariah Sitchin pointing to an Egyptian Statue

Ancient Astronaut Theory

According to Zechariah Sitchin’s, the Anunnaki were a group of Alien Gods from the Planet Nibiru . The name Anunnaki means Children of the Sumerian Supreme God, Anu on Earth (Ki) which suggests that they were Ancient Astronauts that travelled from their Home Planet Nibiru to Earth. The Anunnaki were descended from their Father, Anu or An who was the Supreme Ruler on their Home Planet Nibiru. The Anunnaki Pantheon was said to be made up of 12 Gods under the leadership of the most high God, Anu.

The Table below from an Anunnaki Temple in Sumer provides a list of the Ancient Astronaut Anunnaki Gods according to Rank which is denoted by number with 60 belonging to Anu as the highest.

The Annunaki God Ranking:

  1. Anu
  2. Antu (Anu’s Spouse)
  3. Enlil;
  4. Enki;
  5. Ninhursag (All Children Of Anu and Antu);
  6. Marduk (Enki’s Son);
  7. Ishkur;
  8. Sin;
  9. Ninurta (Children Of Enlil);
  10. Inana,
  11. Shamash,
  12. Nergal (Enlil’s Grandchildren).

When and How Did The Annunaki Arrive On Earth?

According to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the Anunnaki left their Home Planet Nibiru in search of mono-atomic Gold which was needed to repair their deteriorating atmosphere. The Anunnaki are supposed to have arrived on Earth approximately 450 000 years ago. The first Ancient Astronaut Settlement built by the Anunnaki was the Base Station at EDIN with the first Aunnaki City State being established Eridu.

Technological Advancements

  • Gold-mining operations.
  • The creation of Man through DNA Engineering.
  • The introduction of Civilization, Religion and Culture.
  • The Pyramid Wars of Supremacy amongst themselves for control of the City States.
  • The Nuclear destruction of the Sumerian Civilization 
  • Anunnaki Nuclear War and the conquest of Babylon by Cyrus The Great.

The Creation of Man

Mankind was created by the Anunnaki Gods around 400,000 years ago by fusing the DNA of Homo Erectus with Anunnaki DNA to create the first Human Adama.

Contributions to Post Annunaki Civilizations

The Ancient Astronaut Gods are the ‘Elohim’ and ‘Nephilim’ of the Hebrew Bible, and they developed the Earth through a combination of technical prowess in matters such as

  • Building
  • Astronomy
  • Construction
  • Writing
  • Devised ways to manage the Human population through a sophisticated system of Propaganda which now forms the basis of modern Religion.

Annunaki Departure and Extinction

In The End Of Days, Zechariah Sitchin uses the Ancient Astronaut Theory to argue that the Anunnaki initially left for Mars after the destruction of the Sinai Peninsula Spaceport and the rise of Babylon under Marduk. However, the Enlilite Anunnaki Faction represented by the Moon God, Sin returned replacing Marduk as the Chief Anunnaki God of Babylon under King Nabonaidus. The response of Marduk and the Enkiites was to recruit Cyrus the Great who then defeated Nabonaidus and restored Marduk as King of Babylon. According to the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis, it is from the Anunnaki’s role in the creation of the Persian Empire that the later Empires of Ancient History such as the Hitiites, Romans and Greeks were descended.

Religious Impact: Modern Day

The legacy of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods has found its way into modern Religion, particularly through shortened versions of the Sumerian and later Babylonian texts like the Enuma Elish Creation Epic in the Hebrew Bible. This helped form the bedrock of the world’s leading Monotheistic Religions, starting with Judaism, followed by Christianity and lastly Islam. The Ancient Astronaut Theory has argued that the legacy of the Anunnaki goes as far as the creation of Man and Civilization itself as we know it. Sadly, the memory of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods and their Saga on Earth has been lost over time, but their legacy continues to thrive because it may have been the Annunaki of Sumer that provided Humans with the Blueprint of how to create a Civilization. Some points in history can never be erased even when we disregard a theory of its origin.

What do you believe?

Were the Annunaki real? We can’t deny that civilizations have been lost or completely erased from history books. We disregard their validity because it doesn’t fit a widely accepted narrative. If we can accept the bible, why not the idea of Ancient God’s being the creators of all living, conscious beings? The truth can only be seen when we open our minds enough to destroy conditioned belief systems. So again, what do you believe?

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