A Mexican farmer has built a 22-foot tall Aztec pyramid into a desolate area of the desert, only 74 km away from the Mexico-US border. The reason – an otherworldly visitor who instructed him more than three decades ago on how to accomplish this deed.

Raymundo Corona offered more details about his encounter to the local newspaper. According to him, the alien had a considerable size, honey-colored eyes and hair. He’s been dubbed ‘Herulayka’ and he came from a planet named Nefilin, which Corona describes being 20 times the size of Earth and located somewhere in the constellation of Orion.

The man understood the risks his mission involved. He knew that people were about to mock him and take him for a lunatic, but Corona’s blind faith into the extraterrestrial messenger convinced him to build the pyramid anyway.


He revealed how he met this alien in a dream when he was only 33 years of age. He remembers it clearly because his wife was about to give birth to their baby girl at about the same period of time. The events that followed transcended him on this new quest to please the alien visitor.

The same ‘man’ knocked on Corona’s door a few night later, leading the farmer into believing that he was some sort of deity, but his  thoughts got intercepted and before anything else, the alien visitor replayed to the farmer:

I’m not a God, I am a man like you. I have the same importance as you

From here on, Corona talks about how he managed to complete this remarkable deed:

“He told me to build the temple in the form of a pyramid,” Corona said. “When I asked him why it had to be in the form of a pyramid, he said it was because it should be like my faith, something that winds and storms couldn’t move and was always pointing upwards.”


The alien seemingly revealed from where he came from: “He told me he came from the constellation of Orion, from a place called Nefilin which is a place 20 times larger than Earth, where people are similar to human beings,” Corona added. “He was a tall man with honey colored eyes and white hair down to the ground. He was barefoot and wore a tunic tied with a rope.”

The risks were revealed to him from the very first moment: “Many people will laugh at you, defame and say it was an act of insanity or something he did during a bender, it was an act of a madman or a drug addict.” The alien also discussed the urgent need for people to stop auto-destroying themselves and the planet they live on.

The construction of the Aztec pyramid was an extremely brave thing to do, and complex at the same time. Corona, who only studied until the sixth grade, had to make multiple mathematical calculations that were beyond his comprehension, but he succeeded in solving them with the guidance offered by the presumed alien visitor. He considers that this higher knowledge was embedded in his DNA, and was only waiting for the opportune moment to activate and access it.

Whatever the case, the Coahuila pyramid is sure to catch the curious eyes and also raise various question marks. Was the man really guided by an alien visitor? What purpose does the pyramid serve?

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