The FBI has shared some fascinating information on their website, “The Vault,” revealing that beings from other dimensions, often referred to as aliens, have been visiting our planet for quite some time. Interestingly, these visitors have found ways to stay invisible to the human eye, only being detectable with infrared cameras. This revelation is quite significant, coming from one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in the world.

Is this all just made-up, or is there truth to it? It turns out there’s truth, and it’s officially acknowledged. You can even check for yourself through a link provided at the end of the original article, which takes you to the FBI’s website where you can read these documents at your own pace.

What’s really surprising is that the FBI decided to release these documents. Usually, anything considered a matter of national security would be kept under wraps. However, due to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), documents that are not deemed a threat to national security must be made public, suggesting that these extraterrestrial visits are seen as peaceful.

The documents describe these extraterrestrial visitors in detail. Some of their spacecraft are manned, while others operate remotely. These beings are described as peaceful and considering settling on Earth. They resemble humans but are much larger and come from a dimension that exists alongside ours but is invisible to us. Their spacecraft can materialize in our dimension and possess advanced defensive capabilities. They seem to come from a place not recognized in conventional terms, but rather a realm understood by those familiar with esoteric knowledge.

This information is mind-blowing, especially since it comes from an official FBI source. The document suggests we should welcome these visitors with kindness, highlighting the peaceful nature of their mission.

The release of these documents in 2011 by an anonymous high-ranking FBI agent, who compiled extensive material on UFOs and extraterrestrials, sheds light on the existence of inter-dimensional beings. These beings, who can materialize in our world, are described as large, translucent figures that usually remain invisible to us, only detectable through special means like infrared cameras, indicating they have no desire to interact with humans openly and have developed methods to avoid detection.

This information, officially released by the FBI, confirms the existence of aliens and UFOs, presenting a significant piece of evidence for those seeking proof of extraterrestrial encounters.