With the help of Google Earth, a vigilant UFO hunter has unveiled the location of a bizarre object that’s strongly resembling a cigar-shaped craft, hidden in a remote place within the Amazon forest.

Brazil has always been the center of attention for UFOs. The luxurious rainforests as well as the wide opening to the Atlantic Ocean is what makes this country an ideal place for otherworldly visitors that plan to set up camp and investigate unaware humans. Although their advanced technology helps them to move undetected for most of the time, there are some rare cases when they get exposed.

A UFO hunter has recently come across what he presumes to be a military or alien craft stationed in the dense forest of Rondonia, a state in northwestern Brazil. He forwarded the find to YouTube channel of secureteam10 so that the rest of the UFO community could enjoy his catch.

The bizarre object was found with the help of Google Earth. It is located in a remote area of the Amazon rainforest that has been struck by deforestation. It consists of four white dots with a dome present on both parts. It doesn’t blend in so well with the environment, which is why the shape is clearly visible.


There is spacing between the white orbs sitting on the forest floor after furtherly zooming in on the image, making it less likely to be a single object. One of the orbs appears to be standing in the center of a wide circle, with the remaining three carefully aligned in formation.


UFO analysts have proposed different possibilities for the Rodonian UFO. Because of the massive deforestation seen on the satellite imagery, the four orbs could be in fact structures belonging to the illegal loggers that frequent the area, or even cocaine processing plants.

Others assume the massive circle in which one of the orbs is standing represents the landing spot of a spacecraft. In this case, the orbs are standing in such a perfect formation because they complete a bigger design, that of a cigar-shaped craft. The locals have countless stories of bizarre sightings in this part of the world, ranging from blue, vivid lights in the sky to flying cylinders, and pyramid-shaped crafts.

In fact, there’s a renowned incident from the 70s when a broad military investigation has presented the UFO phenomenon as a worrying reality. In the northeastern part of Brazil, entire fishing villages were terrorized by these bizarre orbs that could fly as well as submerge. The locals called them “chupa-chupas” because they would shoot a green beam of light at their target, stunning and temporarily incapacitating them.

After two people had died after such an encounter, and countless others abandoned their homes to seek refuge as far away from the UFOs as possible, the government heard the rumors so they decided to send in the military.

Hundreds of photos of various crafts were taken during this investigation which lasted for several weeks. The images revealed UFOs of various shapes and sizes. Among these, clear photos of a 100 meter-long (330 feet) mothership that resembled an oil barrel were shot. However, when the government learned of what was happening, they classified the case and instructed the participating team to never speak in public about what they had witnessed there.

Could this be the same mothership described in the Colares incident? Are otherworldly visitors operating from within the Amazonian forest? If so, they should take action against deforestation, or they’ll soon run out of trees, which are an invaluable resource when it comes to providing cover.

If you want to check out the notorious area, here are the coordinates: -10.268397,-64.606296

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