Unidentified Flying Objects and the movement they entail make up a very delicate subject, one that is seldom publicly and seriously discussed by government officials. And in the rare cases they do open up this can of worms, their approach is evasive and dismissive.


That is why UFO enthusiasts got a glimmer of hope when Hillary Clinton announced she wanted to “open the [UFO and Area 51] files as much as we can.” Having John Podesta, an outspoken advocate for disclosure as her campaign chairman also helped cement her position as someone who would divulge certain secrets. But many promises have been made during presidential campaigns and just as many were broken once the Oval Office had a new occupant. We’re talking about people vying for one of the highest positions on Earth. They’ll tell you anything in exchange for your vote.

Perhaps, if elected, America’s first female president will break the tradition of secrecy regarding the stacks of UFO files that undoubtedly keep piling up. And she seems to be in the know about them too. In March, while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel’s live show, she corrected the host when he used the term UFO. “You know, there’s a new name,” she replied. “It’s unexplained aerial phenomenon. U.A.P. That’s the latest nomenclature.” Someone’s been paying attention to the briefing.

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Her attention to this detail struck a sensitive chord with UFO enthusiasts and disclosure proponents alike. “Hillary has embraced this issue with an absolutely unprecedented level of interest in American politics,” said Joseph G. Buchman, longtime lobbyist for governmental transparency in regard to extraterrestrial life.

The White House’s official stance on the matter was quick to follow, in the form of press secretary Josh Earnest’s response when a reporter asked him whether president Obama would be willing to disclose such information to the public:

“I have to admit I don’t have a tab in my briefing book for Area 51 today.”

When another reporter quipped that maybe it had been taken out, Earnest replied: “Maybe it has. Part of a grand conspiracy.” Here comes the mockery again. He added that he wasn’t “aware of any plans that the president has to make public any information about this.”

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Like we expected anything other than a stone wall and deception. Guess we’ll have to wait and see whether Hillary keeps her end of the bargain if she wins. But even if she does, and the U.S. Government releases some of its files, they’ll probably be heavily redacted and blacked out like a zebra with only three white stripes.


Case in point.

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