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The brother of President Donald Trump, Robert Trump was hospitalized. He died Saturday night, August 16th. Not much was thought of it until someone found his twitter account and saw his tweets in the final week of his life. The tweets go on what seems like a rampage around conspiracies, aliens and more. Robert Trump started his career on wall street and later moved into the family real estate business. He was a part of the ultra elite, and wealthy, just like Donald. Boasting a net worth of $200 million. After his death, some strange and profound tweets have come to life.

These tweets might be connected to the reason or timing of his death. No one will ever know.

What’s interesting is that his tweets in the very week leading up to his death mentioned aliens, Antarctica, and more. Take a look for yourself.

Robert Trump Tweets Before Death:

Robert Trump Tweets (Donald Trump’s brother) Before His Death.

Robert Trump mentions things about Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, the senate and more. He also mentions that there is an extraterrestrial base in Antarctica as well as and underground Nazi base in Antarctica. We know from history that the Nazi’s weren’t actually all killed and that through operation paperclip they escaped to the US as scientists as well as to different parts of South America. Read more about the strange history of Nazi’s in NASA here.

Within a very short period of time, Robert Trump’s twitter account was completely suspended and completely removed, but not before these screenshots above were taken.

What do you think? Do you think that Robert Trump going on this rampage about aliens, ET’s, secret Nazi bases and corrupt politicians and billionaires put him in an early grave? Or do you think the death was accidental?

Oddly enough if you look into Robert Trump he was known as (and I quote) “The quietest member of the family.” Yet, these tweets, seem pretty loud and over to me.

Maybe he couldn’t hold what he had to say in, anymore.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section, or on facebook, instagram or twitter.

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