Recent footage of a swarm of bright UFOs has lit the UFO community on fire, once again bringing up the subject of attempted alien communication.

It would seem that extraterrestrial intelligence would prefer talking to us in ways much subtler than landing on the White House’ front lawn. Perhaps by putting on a well-choreographed show above La Meridian Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by user C. Hulbert, who said he believed in aliens prior to the incident. However, last week’s sighting got him thinking:

“Always believed in this stuff,  just never thought I would have a encounter. It was definitely awesome and a little freaky at the same time. Hopefully I’ve given you guys something solid to look at and possibly answer questions, even though I had no idea WTF I was looking at. Craziness. I just hope they are friendly…”


Well, there’s usually nothing unfriendly about a large number of unidentified flying objects glistening in the night sky. Hulbert described the objects as “moving around like fireflies, but really high up in the air.” Speaking of which, the spectacular light show they put on looks like a carefully choreographed group movement. And why bother involving hundreds of others in a show specifically played over a populated area if your end game isn’t to communicate something to the onlookers?

What were they trying to convey? Did their message get across?

Judging by the reactions of those whose voices were recorded in the video, no. Like you would expect, the witnesses are scared and unable to picture exactly what is happening:

“I never seen anything like that,” one witness is heard saying.

But they still get the vague sense of danger and think about the protection the authorities could be offering.

Well y’know, 911 getting calls like you wouldn’t believe right now.”

What could these orb UFOs be? Because the sighting we see here is unique and very intriguing. It appears that in a bigger fleet, the UFOs behave slightly different from what we’ve seen in other videos. Even though a lot of similarities remain, we cannot figure out what these strange appearances are. Can we speak of some kind of artificially intelligent beings? Or maybe organic entities from hidden places on Earth?

We just don’t know. The video uploader doesn’t know either.

“This is not my area of expertise,”  he said. I’m not a UFO hunter nor claim to be one. Just a guy who got lucky and shot some weird stuff. So whether or not you think it’s some alien craft or a pile of flying glowsticks from China is up to you. All in ask is you keep the comments nice, we’ve got enough hate going on with our own species.”

Well put, mister Hulbert, well put.

What we do know related to these uncommon objects is that this isn’t the first time someone filmed them. On the 20th of June, 2014, an entire fleet of UFOs was filmed over the mysterious city of Astana, capital of Kazakhstan. Just like the one recorded in North Carolina, the following video reveals how a very large group of orb UFOs are “dancing” over Astana while defying the local population gathered to see the wonder.


In both cases, the orb UFOs appear to ignore the presence of onlookers or perhaps they cherish and seek the attention humans give them. Are they organic entities or merely machines? Are we under their scrutiny? Is there a message hidden within the repetitive patterns they flash?

Without answers, these questions become even more important. And since they’re keeping you up at night, you might as well keep an eye on the sky. Unexplained phenomena happen all the time.