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If you live in certain parts of the US, your chances of seeing a UFO may be higher. UFO hotspots are places where there have been more sightings and more witnesses. Some may be due to a denser population, while others are anomalies. 

UFO Sightings Map

Max Galka is a contributor for The Guardian, adjunct lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania, and a co-founder of a blockchain query engine called Elementus. He also has an interest in UFOs. 

Using the data from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) and images and videos from Mutual UFO Network, Max created a map of the US with over 90,000 reports of UFO sightings since 1905.

Since the map is interactive, you can click on the UFO hotspots to find out more information about each event. Each of the green circles represents a different UFO sighting. 

You can view the map at

There are six major UFO hotspots that dominate the map.

6 Major Sightings In UFO Hotspots

Three Lights above Tinley Park, Illinois

Seventy seven reports describe the lights seen in Illinois in 2004. There were so many witnesses, that even the local tv station covered the sighting.

Most reports describe the sighting as three slowly-moving lights appearing and disappearing at random. The lights stayed in formation. Some witnesses describe the formation to be a line, others a triangle. Some describe the lights fading out before disappearing one by one. 

These Are Not Satellites

One report states: 

“I am an aircraft technician by trade and my hobbies include astronomy and photography…I am familiar with the difference between aircraft, satellites, and meteors as to their appearance in the night sky.”

“I’ve spotted countless times where there were more than one, sometimes four satellites visible at the same time in the sky, but I’ve never seen where they seemed to be flying in perfect formation, and had the same brightness between them.”

Huge Ball of Light Above Burlington, New Jersey

In 2009 lights were also seen by at least 75 witnesses in New Jersey. One report saw a large beam of light coming down in cylindrical shape. Most saw a large, bright light. The two seem to be connected. 

“Almost looked like an explosion in the sky that faded out. First it looked like a flashlight was facing downwards but with dusty haze around it. Then it just seemed to start fading away.” 

“Something from past the stars looked like a huge flashlight beam coming down a long cylinder and flare out towards the bottom of the light,” a different report confirms. 

Others saw flashing orb that changed color. 

Red Lights Above Tinley Park, Illinois

Illinois UFO lights

In 2003, a strange “star constellation” made of three red lights was spotted by a man loading a truck. Three red lights floating in the sky were seen by people driving home in the dark. Amateur astronomers noticed them while stargazing. A total of 72 reports confirm the sighting. 

“Three pulsing red lights that were in a triangular shape in the western sky. They were not moving fast and almost seemed to be hovering, while staying in that exact formation.”

“It was something you would see out of a movie.”

Chevron UFO in Phoenix, Arizona

A least 64 people confirm a chevron-shaped UFO in Phoenix in 1997. Multiple lights were observed, and while the official story is that they were “flares,” witnesses say that they were definitely not. 

“This was a huge object. Following a precise course and maintaining an exact altitude, this craft …eventually disappeared in the vicinity of ‘South Mountain.’…Its speed was estimated at 40-50 mph. It was totally silent. It featured large amber lights on the leading edge with some smaller lights underneath, some on the side…I estimated its altitude to be 10,000 feet…”

“I am a retired airline pilot, have flown for 40+ years…I have never seen anything like this.”

“The assertion that this craft was flares is a pathetic attempt at covering up the truth.”

Involvement of the Greys

One of the reports even recalls seeing a grey alien touching their forehead to put them under. While it seems to be in a dream, the witness believes that it happened based on the memories and how drugged they felt upon waking up. 

“I remember I saw three small thin short aliens the exact kind we call the GREYS. One was next to my husband’s head, one at the foot of the bed; and when I went to sit up in bed I turned to my side, and there was one right next to me by the headboard of the bed. As I went to sit up the grey took his long skinny index finger (three fingers and a thumb) and touched me very lightly on the forehead right between the eyes. And the next thing I remember I woke up, sat straight up in bed full of adrenaline, really freaked out.”

Blue Object In St. Louis, Missouri

A blue light was seen by at least 48 people in 1997 in Missouri. Most noticed it during a fireworks display on July 4, but it was no part of fireworks. The sighting touched so many people that it was broadcasted on the radio. 

“As we were shooting fireworks at 9:45 pm on July 4th, we saw an electric blue object with a bright white core move horizontally from East to West. The light came from over the trees…The object was about the size of a soccer ball and was electric blue around the core. It looked to be about 100′ above the ground and was visible for about 600 or 700 ft. Then it suddenly disappeared…There was no noise associated with the sighting. There was only one object observed.”

Because of the fireworks, it is possible that there have been thousands more witnesses. However, many may have missed it because they were focused on the fireworks display.

Fireball in Renton, Washington

This is another sighting that involves fireworks displays. Perhaps, aliens like to watch them as we do?

In 2012, forty witnesses report seeing a fireball UFO while watching fireworks. Some witnessed multiple orange lights flying towards them. 

“Two “fireball-like” orbs moving fast through the sky. First one disappeared behind clouds, then about ten seconds later a third orb came across the sky just as the second orb disappeared behind trees. Fireballs seemed to hover and move in all directions.”

Another report states that this happened more than one year in a row.

“It has become expected that on the 4th of July we look upwards to view the infamous orange orbs.” 

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