If aliens do exist and already walk among us, it would be reasonable to understand that their advanced technological capabilities are far greater than what we can imagine, meaning that whatever actions they take on Earth or outer space will remain invisible to our line of sight.

However, thanks to the ongoing global awareness regarding this major phenomenon, there are some sky watchers who would pay the ultimate price to know the truth about what’s going on all around us, and they’ll fortunately share their amazing discoveries with the rest of world. Now, it remains only a matter of keeping your mind opened.

There are many types of UFOs ranging from biological lifeforms to artificial crafts or even man-made ones. It’s possible that our governments and military have a secret pact with extraterrestrials which allows them to access otherworldly technology. These claims can be interpreted when viewing different accounts from the past that speak of futuristic ways in which you can travel through space or design a spaceship. Were all these details a product of conspiracy theorist’s imagination, or is it possible that most of what had been said is coming to life this century?

To better understand this concept, I’ll show you a very unique phenomenon that happened close to the moon. The vigilant sky watcher and UFO analyst Mr. Crow has captured yet another amazing and partially unexplained phenomenon. With the help of two hi-end cameras, he was able to film in full spectrum what he presumes to be an invisible vortex. The appearance lasts only for a brief moment, but thanks to Crow’s detailed analysis we can see it over and over again from different postures.

According to him, the space vortex is invisible to the naked eye since we can only perceive only a small portion of the light’s spectrum. However, the phenomenon is real when seen through the full-spectrum of light that covers the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to near ultraviolet, or better said, the portal captured by Mr. Crow could be occurring on a daily basis and everywhere around us, but since our eyes are not designed to see it, it’s like this never happens. So how do we know this is indeed a cosmic vortex and not something caused by meteors or space debris?

The first and most conclusive argument would be that this phenomenon is seen only in full spectrum, which means that any other event that could happen in space and is explained by science would also be perceived by our vision if we look in the right direction and at the appropriate moment. Second argument focuses on the wide spread idea of portals that’s seen in so many movies, cartoons, kid toys and media in general. So, from where did this idea come from if portals are only a science fictional element? Are these ‘subliminal messages’ a pure coincidence, or are they rather an existing fact that hasn’t been revealed to us for some unknown reasons?

Third but not least, there were some extremely bizarre events that strongly resembled a ‘worm hole’ or interdimensional portal. Such phenomenon were witnessed by many people from across the world, and although official information refers to them as unloaded missile tests, I would like to remind the recent case from Norway where the sighting, in my opinion, had nothing to do with a rocket or anything found on Earth. So could the vortex surprised by Mr. Crow be somehow linked to these events? Is it possible that he filmed an authentic interdimensional portal? If so, what purpose does it serve?


According to researchers, it could be a technique used by alien beings to travel between long distances by bending space itself. This way they can reach any destination in the cosmos in a matter of seconds/minutes and at the same time stay hidden from the field of view of other less-evolved species. This way, aliens may pass unnoticed and manipulate our species through the collaboration with our governments that put power above all else. Another controversial theory that might prove to be true in the future speaks of the human-alien pact that’s letting our leaders use and develop advanced technology at the price of letting ETs monitor our evolution.

If this proves to be a good thing we are yet to find out, but because of the tremendous level of secrecy displayed by world’s top organizations, it’s likely that a more complex plan is in place. Are we really designing our own future and destiny, or are we guided from ‘above’ by a higher will that’s pulling the strings?