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The peculiar characteristics of this skeleton found in 2003 have puzzled countless scientists because certain questions couldn’t be answered, even after using the latest technology in order to understand its strange cranial features, as well as extremely small size.

The remains of this curious being were discovered by a man named Oscar Muñoz near a deserted church in the ghost town of La Noria, in the Atacama Desert. The tiny dehydrated body measures only six inches and it possesses a series of remarkable features, never before seen by the scientific world so far.

Before comprehending the extreme importance of his discovery, Muñoz sold the skeleton to a local bar owner in order to get some profit. He obtained the considerable amount of 30,000 pesos, the equivalent of about $50 for his discovery.

Fortunately, the local bar owner sold his latest acquisition to a connoisseur and while making a profit, the world got to know about this bizarre figure that quickly gained notoriety and the nickname “Ata”.


At first, scientist thought the skeleton to be really ancient, but after investigating into the matter they reached a precise conclusion – that it had died somewhere within the last hundred years.

Nevertheless, Ata proved to have some puzzling features, the most striking of them being its skull. It resembled to that of a human, but because of its stretched and exotic shape, many ufologists considered Ata to have indisputably extraterrestrial origins.

Their claims were strongly backed-up by the locals who depicted strange lights in the sky, UFOs and strange looking beings that matched the image of little Ata. Other unconfirmed claims told about similar bizarre beings kept alive in order to be studied in several hidden locations throughout the Atacama Desert – all of this witnessed by several local people who frequently roamed the dusty landscape.

 On the other side, scientific explanations were limited to known facts and considered Ata to be a premature human fetus or even the body of a young human who suffered from a severe case of progeria. Other hypothesis claimed that Ata had a rare medical condition known as dwarfism.

To understand the proportions of the gap between a human being suffering from dwarfism and Ata, we compared the smallest human being ever recorded, who measured no more than 21.51 inches. In contrast to Ata, he was still three and a half times taller.

No more than a couple of years ago, leading scientists at Stanford University performed extensive analysis in order to determine if Ata had human origins or he was indeed something else. After they investigated the skeletal remains for six months, they concluded that the strange being was indeed a profound mystery.


The x-ray scan revealed that Ata had only ten pair of ribs, contrary to the human constitution possessing twelve. In fact, there is no other known human skeleton with only ten pair of ribs. Apart from this peculiar feature, its cranium vault was considerably larger than that of normal humans.

Further genetic analysis were made to conclude on Ata’s DNA. They extracted samples from the rib marrow and it revealed that Ata had human origins after all. After the X-ray analysis of his skeleton, scientists concluded that he died at 6 to 8 years of age. However, they did not find any genetic evidence to prove his dwarfism, progeria, or oxycephaly. In other words, no answers had been found concerning his extremely small stature or alien-like skull.

Another curious discovery unveiled that the bone structure was well developed and he even had a fully-developed set of teeth, similar to a grow-up being, despite Ata’s record dimensions.

Overall, the scientists who performed the tests commonly agreed upon the mystery factor that governs this case. They couldn’t give any categorical answers concerning the anomalies this little humanoid had.


From our perspective, it remains one of the most intriguing cases so far, with the mainstream science confused about certain aspects of this fragile alien-like skeleton, and also in total denial when it comes to alien life forms here on Earth.

We can only hope that maybe one day, humanity will change its current way of looking at things and eventually acknowledge that some specific discoveries that are currently beyond our understanding are in fact crumbs meant to show us an invisible path paved by superior beings in order to enlighten us all.