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One of the six men to set foot on the moon back in 1971, Edgar Mitchell, has never held back on remarks about extraterrestrial existence and activity, but his recent statements are nothing short of amazing. He says aliens were not just simply visiting our planet or studying human behavior, but actively attempting to stop the Cold War before it even began.

The Apollo 14 member tells us he has knowledge of UFO presence during almost every single weapons test carried out by the U.S. The peculiar and fast moving objects are said to have been spotted by not only regular troops, but also members of a higher rank.

One such facility was the infamous White Sands, where the first ever nuclear explosion took place, but most missile testing bases had been visited frequently by spacecraft during that period, according to Mitchell, who quotes military insiders on his claims.

He also states he has knowledge of his own, because he spent his childhood and teen years in New Mexico, somewhere around the bomb testing base, and also in the vicinity of Roswell, where the worldwide UFO community firmly believes the most notorious extraterrestrial encounter happened.


He says the aliens were showing interest in White Sands because they knew humans were testing a weapon they hadn’t yet completely developed and wanted to know about America’s ability when it came to such powerful weapons.

One other reason could be the aliens were worried that nuclear warfare or even testing might somehow affect their planet or some other parts of the universe. The veteran doesn’t’ think so though. He is firmly convinced their sole focus was to keep peace on Earth.

Edgar Mitchell says it is not only his opinion, but also that of people he has spoken to along the years who have been part of such encounters. For example, he says the staff camped at important missile bases in the harshest period of the Cold War could often see flying objects directly above them, in those uncertain moments when the push of a button could wipe out a whole continent.

Many times the aliens would make their equipment or missiles malfunction. In areas of the Pacific Ocean, personnel reported their flying missiles being shot down by unidentified aircraft. Mitchell also suggests the number of UFO encounters during that period is simply too high to be taken like a joke or conspiracy theory.


When asked about his thoughts on Edgar Mitchell’s remarks, Nick Pope (the Ministry of Defense’s UFO investigator) said Mitchell is a respectable and honest man, but we can’t be sure his sources, high ranking officials or not, have been similarly honest with him, so his claims could never really be verified because of the classified aspect of his discussions with such people.

Pope also said that the possibility of aliens attempting to keep peace on our planet by sending simple flying aircraft above military bases was a naïve fairy tale, because if we’re really being watched by extraterrestrials, they’re probably so advanced compared to us that they had far more powerful things available if they wanted to stop a nuclear war.
Well’ you can’t tell us we’re all crazy Mr. Pope. There’s another Pope already doing it.