Keen-eyed alien hunters have identified a strange creature resembling a horned lizard in a set of photographs sent back by the Curiosity Rover.

Always on the lookout for evidence that we’re being deceived, YouTube channel ArtAlienTV brought into our attention the mysterious little creature. While browsing through the photos snapped by Curiosity on Sol 1433, the alien hunter might have just uncovered another piece of evidence that suggests critters might still walk on Mars.

And if there’s a horned reptile on Mars, there could be others, including more advanced lifeforms.

horned reptile on mars rock

Joe White, the channel’s administrator strongly believes that Mars is far from being deserted and he is not alone. There are many others who actively scour NASA photos for traces of life and unusual activity.

The protagonist of this recent finding was just chilling on a rock on August 17, 2016, the date corresponding to Curiosity’s 1,433rd day on Mars. Details in the photo leave a lot to be desired, but this much can be gathered: it is a small creature, about an inch in length. The shape of its upper body brings to mind one of the many species of lizards we have here on Earth, which could suggest a possible connection between terrestrial and martian fauna.

“It seems to have a beak to the left and tiny horns on top. The eye, head and neck look reptilian, but at this size it is hard to tell,” the YouTube video description reads. “It also looks like it has a shell and possibly limbs. Perhaps it was frozen and preserved when the atmosphere was destroyed.”

In the past few years, we have seen a steady increase in reports of alien skulls, sculptures and artificial constructs, skeletons and bones, astronauts, drones, more droneslevitating women, as well as what appear to be crashed UFOs on the martian surface. And this is all coming from a single source: the SUV-sized Curiosity Rover.

There is a high probability that once other remotely operated vehicles manage to touch down on the face of Mars, we’ll see even more relics. Maybe then the world will change its mind about the number of planets that have or once harbored intelligent life.

This recent finding comes mere weeks after UFO enthusiasts discovered other out-of-place artifacts in NASA photos. This month, Scott Waring spotted what appears to be a levitating wheel on Mars. If the object is indeed what the UFO blogger claims, it would suggest the ancient martians possessed technology far superior to our own and that it still works despite the fact that everything around it has eroded.

I found some fun anomalies in this photo and one of the most interesting ones is a silver wheel that is levitating off the ground. You can easily see the dark shadow below it, which is proof it is flying,” Waring wrote.

Another intriguing finding this month is an object resembling a chair.

“It may just be something that is shaped like a chair but it does not look like a natural eroded rock and there is another interesting structure just to the right of it that also looks unnatural,” the author of the find wrote.

If his suspicions are true it means that despite living on a planet with a lower gravity than Earth’s, the martians still enjoyed to sit down every once in a while.