Scouting for answers on Mars, a group of enthusiast anomaly investigators discovered the fossilized remains of an unknown creature peaking from the Red Planet’s arid terrain. At first sight, the anomaly appears to be related to the ancient dinosaurs that had once roamed the Earth.

When we consider the possibility of a former Martian civilization we mostly think of its extraterrestrial inhabitants, but what about all the beasts that once roamed the planet? Were they like the species found here on Earth, or rather like something we have never seen or imagined before?

People searching for mysterious signs of life on the dusty surface of Mars have had this question on their shoulders for quite some time, and were on the lookout for more evidence to prove a theory that has emerged a few years back, when the breathtaking discovery of fossilized remains that strongly resemble the elongated and twisted spine of a dinosaur were found. NASA link 

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In 2012, a set of controversial pictures were beamed back by Curiosity rover on SOL 109. Thanks to the vigilant UFO community, the anomaly has been shared on the internet numerous time, and others had the chance to see this bizarre discovery that’s also very familiar to us humans because it reminds us of a long and extinct species of animals – the ancient dinosaurs.

Ever since this find, there has been much debate whether these giant reptiles had also roamed the surface of the Red Planet. Today, another intriguing object was spotted by the vigilant eyes of Martian explorers, and it’s extremely similar to the cranium of a dinosaur.

Its features can be seen clearly after a slight enhancement of the image. It reveals a large frontal bone with eye sockets, nasal cavity, and even remains of teeth covering the inside of its mouth. Could this be just a coincidence? Paraidolia that’s playing tricks on our minds flooded with familiar dinosaur patterns? NASA link


This would be the case every skeptic would consider, but keeping a close eye on the alleged spine uncovered in the past, the probability of this find to be well-interpreted is boosted beyond the label of a mere illusion.

The find is extremely spectacular because it changes the way we perceive time and life in the universe. If dinosaurs lived on the Martian surface, than there are plenty of questions to be asked. Were they brought to Earth hundreds of million years ago by an evolved species of extraterrestrials? What caused their extinction and how much time had passed since then?

Paranormal Crucible of YouTube had the picture analyzed and are also confident that what we see lying on the ground are the remains of an extinct species of dinosaur. They said following:

This artifact is definitely a creature skull, possibly a dinosaur or an equus feru species. I have pointed out areas like the mandible and maxilla as well as six other points of reference that proves it’s not a weird shaped rock.”

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Scott C. Waring from ufosightingsdaily also confirms the peculiar find: “It’s a fossil…and that means it’s been 100% replaced by the minerals around it to form itself into a mineralized shell of what it once was. It is now stone, and that is why it matches the minerals around it. A fossil takes on the colors and textures of the minerals it’s replaced with.”

For now, we can only speculate if these assumptions are true or false, but taking into account that NASA has so far refused to express their point of view on this, a Martian dinosaur scenario doesn’t seem too far off. After all, people reveal as much by their silence as they do by what they say.