It appears that an abundance of alien species are residing in the Universe according to prominent figures of the 21st century, but we cannot find them because we are a young species unable to comprehend most of the universal laws. Will this however, change for the better in the near future?

The strong conviction in extraterrestrial life forms is a trait of intelligence and acceptance of the reality that the Universe did not grant only to us the gift of life and evolution.

Elon Musk, visionary entrepreneur and founder of the SpaceX program is part of those who not only strongly believe in the existence of alien civilizations, but his scientific projects are deeply rooted in mankinds’ aching desire for further exploration of the Universe and even the possibility of discovering the silent and watchful neighbours that we all suspect they exist even among us.

Elon Musk’s controversial viewpoint (and hope) have been raised as an article published in the New York Times by astrophysicist Adam Frank, headlined „Yes, There Have Been Aliens.”


The astrophysicists research suggests the plausible theory according to which we are not the first generation of intelligent civilizations on the pale blue dot. For humanity to be the only civilized species to have evolved along the billions of years since the birth of our planet, the probability for such a scenario should be astronomically small: less than one in 10 billion trillion.

This staggering statement leads us to two conclusions: either there are still living among us, countless alien species that managed to blend into our civilization, or they were all extinct from various causes, including a short life span.

Science clearly says there is a great chance that your last crush may be related to an ancient extraterrestrial species. If so, we all might share alien genes without us never knowing. Science never lies, only makes mistakes that turn into evolution, so either way it’s a win-win situation.

So, our star is not hosting its first generation of living beings capable of sending radio transmissions into space. Adam Frank’s research denoument is based on the Drake Equation which is not actually a mathematical equation, but more of a proposition series working as a guideline for any scientist looking for any piece of solid evidence of life in the universe.

Drake’s Equation looks very discouraging to even try to understand, for the mundane individual: N=R*fpneflfifcL.

Translated into individual parts, the formula consists of the following factors:

R* = star formation speed in our galaxy

fp = percentage of stars with planets

ne = the number of planets similar to earth, around each star has planets

fl = the number of earthlike planets that can evolve life

fi = the percentage of planets with life that can develop intelligent life

fc = the percentage of intelligent species that develop detectable technology by an outside similar civilization (i.e. radio transmissions)

L = the average number of years the advanced civilizations release detectable signals.

Multypling the two components of the equation with the length of time that advanced civilizations take to communicate reveals the total number of civilizations that have walked the same lands we are exploring today.


In spite of this comprehensive formula, it cannot be solved, at least until we can obtain exact values for each of these parts. This formula’s result can become achievable in a pretty distant future, but it takes a visionary mind to create an equation fit for a tremendously advanced civilization that will reject constructs like: border, war, money, poverty and mind slavery.

Since the inception of this cosmic expansion formula of life itself, astronomers have recorded over 3,000 nearby exoplanets with at least 20% of these worlds existing in habitable zones.

The next decade is extremely predisposed to reveal conclusive evidence of alien lifeforms on nearby exoplanets due to the rapid technological shift. The next generation of telescopes will peer deep inside the Milky Way and beyond, making the scenario of finding alien life in the near future extremely likely.

Only time will tell when and how we are going to encounter alien life forms, but instead of waiting for science to do our bidding, we should search our planet where there’s already plenty of traces of unexplained and unidentified phenomenon that, for most of us, already seems to be out of this world.