Two intriguing UFO sightings which occurred only one day from one another had the entire UFO community and media speculate on their origins. While one craft troubled the residents of Houston, Texas, the other one paid a swift visit to the International Space Station.

While most of you may already know of the massive UFO sighting seen over Houston, Texas in 2014, it’s likely that you’ve missed the follow-up of a similar UFO appearing near the International Space Station. In case this doesn’t sound familiar, I’ll recap the events in chronological order.

In 2014, a year rich in UFO appearances, a massive circular object made its presence noticed over Houston. When musician Andrew Pena was driving on the Interstate 45 freeway, a strange phenomenon caught his attention. He then immediately took his camera out and filmed what appeared to be an actual flying saucer. When he reached his house, he shared on twitter a few still shots from the video he had recorded.

Houston-UFO (1)

The unidentified object’s size has been approximated at a substantial 50 feet in diameter. It had a perfect round shape along with multiple bright lights that changed color. The unusual object has been spotted 13 miles north of Johnson Space Center and Ellington Field where astronauts train on a daily basis.

Those images produced a massive stir inside the UFO community and among Houston residents. Opinions were split as many people considered the strange object to be a drone prototype or just the reflection of the street lights mounted on the freeway. However, subsequent images showing the UFO from different angles have diminished the above hypothesis. The considerable size of the object make it unlikely to be a drone, and the fact that it was also surprised over the city hints at an authentic craft of unknown origins. Was NASA testing their new toys? Or does this UFO have in fact extraterrestrial origins?

The video that you’re about to see will highlight the last mentioned probability. It surfaced the next day after the Huston sighting and this time it involved the International Space Station. The cameras installed outside captured an odd looking object with bright lights that strongly resembles the Houston UFO. Much of its shape remains cloaked but, judging after the lights which tend to illuminate a portion of the UFO’s hull, it could also reveal a circular design. So, could these two sightings be related to one another?

[iframe id=”” mode=”normal” thumbnail=”ufo ISS”]

Most UFO analysts seem to think this way because there are a few similarities between the two objects, and the sightings occurred with only one day between them. The other question is – what could it actually be?

Since the flying object appeared near the Johnson Space Center and presumably went all the way up to the ISS, it could be a drone or spacecraft prototype designed by either NASA or the military. So why won’t they publically reveal their progress you might ask? Simply because there’s a big possibility of the government and military having black-budget programs that serve their hidden interests. After all, it is a well-known fact that the military and other elitist organizations possess technology that for us may seem ‘out of this world,’ and they may be using this science to develop secret facilities outside of our planet.

Other hypothesis claim the UFO is a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origins, since its circular design and lights remind of classic ET encounters reported throughout the years. However, with the rapid shift in technology, alien-like crafts and encounters are likely to be produced using human intelligence. In a timespan of about fifty years, planet Earth might change completely, both in architecture and the way we perceive life inside and outside the solar system.