There are countless anomalies surprised by NASA’ rovers on the surface of Mars, and although most of them resemble artifacts left behind by a former civilization, or even biological life forms, there is still no conclusive evidence of intelligent design. However, the latest images beaconed by Opportunity rover might turn the tides in this matter.

What if the artifacts found all across the Martian soil act only as a distraction from the bigger picture? What if the ground level details are only meant to mask the real activity that’s happening up in the sky? Indeed, more and more reports of UFOs are surfacing from the vigilant UFO analysts that are constantly on the lookout for anomalies on Mars.

In the last few months, bizarre dots were found in some of the pictures sent by the rovers, and although at first, skeptics believed they were the result of common phenomenon such as lens flares or even dust, they soon realized the opposite after further photos revealed moving objects in consecutive frames.

The most recent case of a UFO on the Red Planet comes from Opportunity rover’s camera, and it reveals an unidentified flying device while in motion. The spectacular image has been highlighted by Streetcap1 of YouTube, who also provided us with an official NASA link to diminish all doubts. The photo clearly shows how a UFO is flying over a nearby hill on a serene sol on Mars. The object leaves a trail behind, indicating its trajectory and from where it came from. Could this surprising image prove that highly intelligent entities exist on the planet?


According to UFO analysts, the UFO could be a surveillance drone spying on NASA’ rover. It could be either remote controlled or piloted by something (or someone). Judging by the distance, the device is flying at a relatively low altitude and appears to have medium proportions. It leaves a trail behind which is a clear indicator of movement. Other than this, the fact that it is found near Opportunity indicates a certain level of interest in the rover.

Scott Waring from ufosightingsdaily also confirmed the above mentioned after he closely analyzed the NASA image:

Reports of strange things in rover photos never seem to cease, but it’s always the public that reports them, he wrote on his site. Here, Streetcap1 of YouTube caught an object not too far in the distance that is moving from right to left of the screen. There is a faded trail behind it, a distortion of sorts which tells us the direction it came from. It looks like the spacecraft in the distance is watching the Opportunity rover, observing it.

If these concerns prove to be true, could Mars be hiding a tremendous secret? Is it possible that NASA already knows about this and is keeping the general public in a cone of shadow? After all, it only takes 9 months to reach the Martian soil, so the space agency is bound to have more insight regarding what is happening on the neighboring planet.

From our perspective, the mysterious black dot could be a fine example of artificial intelligence found in space. Either that, or NASA has a black budged program that’s already operating on Mars. However, since many brilliant minds on Earth discussed the possibility of artificially intelligent beings found in outer space, we find the first mentioned hypothesis more likely than the other. If the renowned space agency knows about this, they will probably reveal more information when they’ll be certain of it. Until then, we can only speculate at what awaits us in the big red wasteland, but day by day the truth becomes harder and harder to swallow. [Official NASA link]

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